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Do you know how to fix a hem? How to unstick a zipper? Or even fix a loose thread? If not then you may need to read on for some simple tips that could prevent you having to live down a fashion disaster!

Fashion Recue Tips

We've all been there, you're about to leave the house, in a hurry and the heel of your shoe catches on your hem!! What do you do? Sitting in the office and your bag ladders your tights!! what do you do? Panic? No, just remember some simple tips.

How to fix a hem in a rush:
1. Double sided tape can help hold up a hem in a hurry. Place the tape on the inside of the hem, remove the backing and fold the hem back into place, press hard.
2. A staple will let you out in a rush just make sure to keep in on the thread line of the hem so you don't create any damage to the material.
3. Best to have a small sewing kit in the house, stock with standard colours such as black, white, tan and brown or a needle and 'clear' theard should work for most emergencies.

How to stop a Ladder:
1. Clear nail varnish will prevent the ladder from getting worse, simple paint over the edge of the ladder.
2. Liquid glue will do if you don't have any nail varnish just dab on in edges of the ladder and allow to dry.
3. Keep a spare pair of tights in your bag or car.

How to Unstick a Zipper:
1. A plain white bar of soap can get you out of a zipper fix, simply rub it up and down the zip and it should help it slide back again.
2. A wax candle will help loosen a zip that it stuck or difficult to move, use the same way as the soap example.
3. A little oil such as baby oil, olive oil or WD40 will unstick any stubborn zipper. Apply a drop and use a cloth to rub into the zipper, be careful not to stain your clothing.

Emergency Fluff Remover:
1. Use a household rubber glove and stroke the garment until the fluff is removed.
2. Cut a length of Sticky tape and press onto the item of clothing and lift of, all the fluff will stick to the tape leaving your garment lint free.

Stop A Zipper From Splitting:
1. Put a stitch over the teeth as tightly a possible just above the split.
2. If you can't get hold of a needle and thread hold the split together with a safety pin this will stop the zip from opening any more.


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Great set of tips!

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