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Advice on what to wear and what not to wear - and who not to trust


There are a few simple things you need to know about fashion and the industry that it has spawned. Now that industry has two functions: 1) To make you look good, or at least better; and 2) To get you to buy more clothes in order to achieve that end, and boost their bank balances, of course. OK, so forget about the second of these, what I’m talking about here is just a few notes to make sure the first of these succeeds.

For Men

The plain fact is that most men look better in a suit than without, not all men but most. So, if you can only afford one suit or the one you have needs to be replaced, what should you buy? And the answer to that is remarkably simple. Buy a plain black suit. Why? Because most people look better in black than any other shade and once you possess this item it serves a multitude of purposes. A plain black suit will enable you to attend job interviews, wedding, funerals and all other formal occasions without having to worry whether you’ll ‘fit in’. Whereas, let’s say you’ve opted for a sky blue suit because you think that shows you off best, well, that’s fine for a party or a day in the office but do you really think it’s appropriate at a funeral? No. Plain black and don’t let the shop assistant persuade you that pin-stripes are ‘in’. See above for funerals.

Add a couple of plain white shirts to this and a couple of different ties – again, one black – then you are all set for whatever life may throw at you. It’s that simple.

For Women

The same applies for women. Pretty much every woman on the face of the planet looks better in black but, let’s face it, you’ll need more options that just a black suit.

Some colors will suit you and others won’t but the one to avoid is green. Very few women can get away with wearing pretty much anything green. So unless you are exceptionally beautiful (see my other diatribe on attraction:, in which case you could wear a bin-liner and get away with it, then avoid all shades of green. Brown and purple are also a little precarious but you might be able to pull them off.

Meanwhile, you look at the TV shows and the magazines about what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’ this season and think: “You’re kidding, right?” Well, maybe, maybe not. The plain fact is that hours after these creations have appeared on the catwalks, copies will be appearing at discounts stores around the world. But there is pretty much one fashion house that has consistently made women actually look better than they otherwise would, Chanel. As Marge Simpson discovered when she found a Chanel suit in the sales, it can improve not only how you look but how others perceive you. So if you have the money this is a safe investment.

And the other thing, when you’re going out shopping to buy yourself something to make you feel good about yourself as well as improve your look, don’t take your girlfriends to advise you, take a male friend. Women tend to have this rule that they will support each other despite what the evidence of their eyes is telling them. In other words, they will lie to you because it’s what they think you want to hear. A male friend is much more likely to tell you honestly whether this dress makes you look sexy, that one makes you look cheap, and that one should have been burnt at the stake. In other words, when it comes to spending money, women can’t be trusted. Especially if they tell you to buy something green.


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1st Nov 2011 (#)

You have demystified fashion in less than a page. Good show.

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