Fat Tuesday, Lent, and Easter

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We are as good as our actions, prayers and everything else we actively do. Our beliefs and realities are not an exception, but an exclamation point on all of these realities. To explain the why is very easy for me, but the how is very hard for me to explain without getting too wordy. So, I will stick with the why.

Why I believe, and absolutely do believe without a doubt.

All realities are possible under God, amazing miracles and utter normality. The existence and historical reality of Jesus or Yeshua/Joshua of Nazareth is not an exception to the first sentence I just mentioned here. When I think about reality, the definition is broad, very broad, infinitely broad. The weirdest possibilities of the X-Files are limited compared to my definition of reality, really.

With all that said: The realm of possibility and reality are endless, really, because the genuine revelation is that nothing unreasonably unreal exists, and even the weirdest thoughts can rationally become reality when we really think and understand about reality. In short, life is not "the world is flat and that is that" normality. It is everything we can comprehend and more realistically.

I remember when my school counselors used to tell me stuff like: "I have bad news for you Josh, you're not normal, and any thoughts that you are normal are a fantasy." I did not argue with them, but they did plant the seeds of these ideas in me about reality being unlimited instead of limited in scope.

Dealing with what is real comes down to not what we perceive anyway, but what is in totality. So, I do believe without a doubt in that broad spectrum called reality, and that considering that genuinely broad spectrum, fantasy is very narrow and "genuine" normality is genuinely narrow minded.

Although this article is about God, I will keep it "shallow" enough to be understandable

The fact is that reality is more than it will ever appear to be to normal perception. But, what "normal person" wants to know that? I will tell you who: Those extraordinary normal people who understand that reality is more than appearance or what appears to be.

I subscribe to the God-is-all-and-one theory of existence in that God is in everything, even the bad things, and understanding comes through expanding perceptions, not through narrow teaching about "what is" an "what it comes down to". Sure, reality is what we deal with every day and night, but our perceptions to work, need to be open, expanding and genuinely realistic yet flexible. I will stop here and keep it quite understandable, impersonal and simple.


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