Fear and Courage: The Great Predictors of All Reality

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Earl Nightingale said that we become what we think about. Okay, that does sound plausible even at shallow levels of reality. But what about the deeper meaning of life as a whole. In anything we get deeper on or succeed at, we must have courage to think the right thoughts and take the right actions that create success that essentially predict a positive reality for us.

How to become genuinely powerful and seemingly clairvoyant

Have courage in life. With fear, nothing is possible, even if it "apparently is possible". To achieve, sure we must believe that we can do it, but there is a higher, more powerful ingredient to reality that makes it all work predictably well and better than that to please us: That ingredient is not just determination and persistence, although those are great qualities. The ingredient that makes "that positive, sublime clairvoyance happen" is a genuinely positive, insufferable state of character. How do you think Henry Ford succeeded when there were so many others in the early twentieth century with "crazy automobile ideas"?

Sure, sometimes that reality may sound silly, and even grim. But, is it? No, it is not in any way. Insufferable faith that knows no fear or defeat is more likely to genuinely succeed than the mind that knows limits. After all, Einstein said and meant that imagination is more important than knowledge. That saying and meaning Einstein gave is part of the answer, really. The ability to create our great future comes from (and this is the full answer:) imagination combined with persistence, rational faith and being willing to work seeing what does not work and then using what does work consistently.

Indeed, reality comes down to our attitude really. Quitting time and retirement is really in our minds, and spiritual leanings. When I say "spiritual leanings", I mean total realistic viewpoint, or the way we genuinely view existence at our deepest levels, not just "what religion are you?" or the tripe about "what do you think about reality?"

So, when I say, become powerful and seemingly clairvoyant, this is what I mean: Build a positive attitude within yourself. Build power within yourself. Do not depend on anything outer to predict and control your reality. Do not genuinely fear anything outer or be foolishly overconfident with irrational behavior. No matter what, keep your cool, there is always an opportunity for success if you are rationally patient and genuine failure only comes if you are irrational, dishonest with yourself or fearful. Genuine quitting time is for idiots anyway. Genius is made and not born, what do you think was the real secret of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison anyway? After all, the way I look at it, we are born naive idiots and make ourselves genius anyway.

The best horse out of the gate:

In the last section, I mentioned the best horse out of the gate. The best horses are the ones with the most spirit as I described it: It comes from within, it depends on nothing outside itself. After all, why do you think "Man O' War" permanently won over "John P. Grier" all those years ago at the derbies. Reality is a totality, and not just a spiritual feeling or purely physical and has to be approached as such.

Success is a totality hologram and failure is one-dimensional. I mean this: Genuine failure is just quitting or retiring. Success is a total reality requiring dimension, persistence and all types of genuine qualities that make success total and worthwhile unlike the lack of dimension failure has as a whole. This may be a simple article, but I know this is the most far reaching reality there is: The best horse out of the gate is the one with dimension and the total package, not the one that depends on just its initial spirit to succeed. After all, you have to be willing to fail in order to understand how to fully succeed, and run risk in order to be a full success, and not just quit after you lose once.

It is in your hands

Reality is what we make it, sure. But fear and courage are what we make them, also.

When my Dad went under the knife in 1979 to lose his right foot to diabetes, he could have decided to hospice then, and decided not to stay around and raise me until I was seventeen about twelve years later. If I remember correctly, some of the doctors gave him that option. When I think about this fact of my life, it makes me more grateful and understanding about life and I realize that it is really in my hands.

This section is a tidbit to say, "yes, I really do know what I am writing about and talking about when I write and talk about this "stuff". Fear and courage are in your conscious, voluntary hands always.


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