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I wrote about my previous feelings and now I will continue with them. The articles I am currently writing around to demonstrate my somewhat limited psychic ability.

The Day of The Dead

I wrote about my previous feelings and now I will continue with them. The feelings persisted but a new phenomenon occurred while I was working for a life insurance company. I had an Italian friend who was very superstitious. Paula called the day after Halloween the "Day of Deads," everyone else refers to it as All Saints Day. She would try to predict the future on that evening. She would crack an egg in a bottle of water and leave it overnight. She would make a wish and the next day, she would examine the configuration that the settling of the egg made to determine if her wish came true.

Christmas Promotion

By this time, I was tired of being a filing clerk and wanted a promotion badly. She encouraged me to try the egg test. I followed directions exactly. I told her what I saw was a Christmas tree and that I knew that I would have a promotion just before Christmas.

She laughed at me, and said "That is ridiculous you ask for a promotion and you see a Christmas tree, next year bring the bottle to me and I will tell you what it really means". I remained undaunted. I told her I would have my promotion by Christmas.

Sure enough, in the middle of December, I did get a promotion and I was only too happy to let her know that my interpretation was dead on. I got my promotion by Christmas.

She was instantly transformed from the skeptical master to the faithful apprentice. She asked me to read her egg the following year.

Egg Readings

I actually read the egg for two consecutive years before I left the company. The first year she told me her wish was to know if her husband, a part time D.J. would make a profit from his music. From the description she gave me of the settling of the egg, I saw a dollar sign, in the middle of two blobs. There was a severed string from the dollar sign to the bottom blob. Yet the string remained attached from the dollar sign to the top blob.

My interpretation was as follows: The dollar sign was the potential profit for the D.J. business. I saw her husband being the bottom blob. I told her that he had the potential of making money but there was another person represented by the top blob that was getting to the money first and cutting him off from his potential profit. She seemed disappointed but accepted my interpretation.

About a month later she came to work all excited. She reminded me about the egg reading, that I had done and how I had been so right! Apparently her husband was fed up of trying to setup engagements only to find that someone else had already beat him to it. He was trying to find out why this kept occurring to him. What he found out was that his own brother was the one that was beating him to it.

Of course her husband would talk to his brother about his business and he would tell his brother where he was going to negotiate an engagement. Afterwards, unbeknownst to him, his brother would go and negotiate a better deal with the hotel or reception hall on behalf of a friend of his. Paula's husband's brother turned out to be the top blob that was cutting off the money source for her husband. John, her husband, found this out when a reception hall actually told him who had received the contract. It was obvious after hearing the D.J.'s name that John knew his brother was behind it and that he was getting a commission for doing so.

Faced with the truth, the brother had no choice but to admit what he had done. I knew nothing about John or his family. I didn't even know he had a brother. When Paula asked me how could I know all this I simply told her it was just a feeling.

The Last reading

The last time I read her egg, Paula asked if she would get pregnant. She was trying desperately for two years to get pregnant and nothing was happening.

What I saw from the description she gave me of the egg settling were three blobs, a long string, and one blob at the bottom of that string.

My interpretation was as follows. There was one big blob on top that I said represented her husband. There were two smaller ones beside him. I said that these smaller blobs would be two children that Paula and John would eventually have though not necessarily at the same time. My rationale for that was that the smaller blobs were not side by side. They were one on top of the other. The long string represented time. She would get pregnant but not right away. The blob at the bottom represented Paula.

"Wow, that is so true. I want children but not now. I don't feel I am ready. I just tell everyone that I want a baby because John wants one so badly. I haven't told anyone, not even my mother

about how I really feel. You are so good". It took two more years for a total of four years of marriage before Paula and her husband John would have a baby girl. She had her son three years after that. The couple never had any more children.

All photos taken from the public domain
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9th Jun 2015 (#)

What a beautiful story. I wish eggs would bring me some luck. I really enjoyed reading that.

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