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I am now going to publish my psychic starting here on Wikinut starting from the feelings I got as a child.


I don't how it started. All I know is as a child I used to get feelings about things. I thought it was totally normal and probably it was. How many of us have not thought of a song and all of a sudden that song played on the radio? Yes, the scientists would argue that it is simply coincidence given the songs were popular at the time. The probability that they would be continuously played was very high. But today, at 60 years old, I truly believe there are things that scientists just cannot account for. I will now walk you through my life via the unexplainable things that happened to me. The feelings persisted throughout my childhood.

Feeling About Being Pregnant

I remember walking home from school and just knowing that my mother was there in the house. I lived with my grandmother. My mother did periodically drop by but the occasions that I had a feeling were when she actually did come unannounced.

As I grew older there were countless other feelings that panned out, for example, feeling it was not a good thing to go to a certain party and then finding out that the party was a flop or something bad happened there such as a major fight.

The night I met my ex-husband, I just knew that I was going to marry him. I walked into work the next day and announced the evening's proceedings. I was thoroughly ridiculed no doubt. My friends were considerably older than me and felt this was just the fantasy of a 20 year old in love with love. I knew better. I knew this was the feelings I always had; the same feelings that always came true.

The night that I got pregnant I knew that too. Afterwards, I told my husband that I was pregnant that very night. He asked how would I know, did I feel physically different? "No, it wasn't that", I said, "I just have that feeling". Sure enough the ultrasound confirmed my feelings. I conceived at that very time.

The Hospital Nursery

When my baby was born, I was running a high fever and not allowed to hold him. I could look at him through the cold glass window of the nursery but I had never heard his cry. Finally, when I was permitted to hold my baby for the first time, one week after the delivery,

I waited in anticipation for the nurse to bring him to me. I was going to have my son for the first time and actually get a chance to feed him. I waited and listened. I heard the nurse bring a baby, the baby was crying, but I said to myself that is not mine. It wasn't. Similarly, I heard five other babies crying and each time I said, "No that is isn't my baby" and it wasn't. Finally, I heard the crying of a seventh baby and I just knew that was my son. Sure enough within seconds that child was given to me and it was my baby.

I was also very much into astrology, fortune telling, and palm reading at the time. Every one of these people that I visited for a reading, said that I had a special gift and always to trust my intuition. I never listened. I thought my feelings were normal. Doesn't every woman know when she is pregnant, I questioned. It was the palm reader actually who pointed to a line on my hand and said that I had a gift and if I didn't know what it was yet, it would develop further as I got older. I left that reading still not believing that I was any different from anybody else.

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author avatar Kingwell
5th Jun 2015 (#)

Good share. I too have had feelings about things. I just called it knowings. It continued as an adult too. Blessings.

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