Females Today are More Fashionable

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Today females mostly focus on make up than anything else.So a normal or average looking female looks stunning after applying make up. This fashion things come into females right from very young age today.

Kids Getting into Fashion

You will be stunned to look around to see kids fallen for make up. Parents have to be blamed for making their kids get involved in make up. Make up is really artificial and applying make up will also harm your skin in the long run. All the make up stuff has got some chemicals which are very harmful for skin as it will completely destroy the beauty of the natural skin if applied for more time. Today, applying make up is like an addiction and kids have to be prevented from these unwanted things as it will only spoil them right from the teen age which is very bad. This is definitely not the good way to go. Kids have to enjoy more in their age and not make them adjusted to artificial life of fashion as these things will shift their focus for bad things in life which can only be prevented by parents and all those teachers teaching them. One should take this issue seriously as it will definitely help these kids grow up better. Without proper guidance kids will not understand and elders should understand the bad effects of all these and protect youngsters from this addiction or else this might become worse and difficult to even control as kids grow up. So, it is definitely the duty of the parents to look after the kids in a proper way without these unwanted addictions in life

Females in Old Days Were Beautiful

There was not much fashion in olden days but still when we look at those old pictures of old females, we realize that olden day females were really beautiful without much make up like the present day females. Today anyone can look stunning with heavy make up. Present day movies will also show their strong influence on females around the world. There are so many fashion shows around the world today making it more exciting for all females of all ages around the world. Anyone will get attracted into this magic world of fashion as it has so much power in it. There are many normal looking females shown stunning and very attractive by these make up and fashionable dress they wear. So it is quite obvious for females of all ages to get attracted to these artificial world of fashion. One has to control to be away from these fashion world at least in the younger age as it will set a bad trend. Things have already gone out of hands now and it is left to the parents to get their kids in control right from their teen age a sit will be easy to control later on in life
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author avatar WOGIAM
11th Mar 2015 (#)

It is not only the females, the males also are turning out very high in fashion trends and stakes.

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author avatar sarosh
11th Mar 2015 (#)

yes, but females are leading here

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