Festivals & its social values.

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There are many festivals for all religions like the Hindus, the Muslims, the Christians, the Sikhs,the Jains, the Buddhists etc in India. All religious minded people celebrate their festivals with pomp and vigour. Durga pujah is the greatest festival of all Hindus in India,celebrated in every year.


Religion is a supreme faith in God. A religious man believes that as God is good and merciful, there can be nothing wrong or unkind in His creation or in what happens in the universe. This gives him strength in trouble, solace in grief,and hope in despair. Religion also teaches man that God is the common Father of all,and so it is his duty to look upon all men, whatever their colour or creed as his brothers, and to behave them accordingly.He feels that God wants him to be His worthy son. So he tries to live a good and virtuous life.
But the general people can not fully grasp these abstract principles of religion. It is religious festivals that bring home these principles in them through other enjoyment. So they are frequent reminders of our duties in life. And as religion has a sacred sentimental appeal to every man,the lessons impressed upon us through religious festivals have a greater effect on us than lessons taught through books. Most festivals have a unifying effect also.
The Durga pujah of the Hindus ends in the sprinkling of santijal or water of peace on all present and embracing one another .Similar is the case with the Muslims who forget all enmity and embrace one another at the end of the Ramjan Fast. The Christians too greet everybody on the Christmas occasion. The followers of other religions congregate in the Hall of worship to pay their homage to the Gods. and greet everybody present in the Hall.

Social values of the festivals

Most religious festivals have great social values too. They require require the help of different classes of people ,high and low to arrange for the festivals. The Durga Pujah of the Hindus requires soil even from the door step of a fallen woman as one of the ingredients of offerings . This gives a sense of importance to every member of the society in its celebrationi and thus creates a well knit social life in the society.
The jatras and theatrical performances held in connection with some religious festivals are not only sources of delight to the people all around. They also give effective lesson on the country's history --her culture,her tradition, and the lives of her great men of all ages.This is one of the reasons why even the illiterate people of India have maintained a standard of culture and moral values that has been a wonder to the people of other India. The social values of the festivals leaves a great impact on the society. Everybody feels that he or she is part of the society. Everybody enjoys the festivals of other religions,though our country is secular in nature.


It is the religion that binds together all the people of the locality. The religious festivals are held with high spirit and esteem to enjoy the blessings of God. Durga Pujah is one of the most important and greatest festivals of the Hindus in Bengal.It is hailed with joy and rejoicing by people belonging to different communities. Everyone shakes off his own sorrows and troubles and welcomes the festival with all purity and cheerfulness.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
3rd Jul 2015 (#)

Festivals are also occasions for families spread out to come together and enjoy the old days when they were young.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
3rd Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for supporting comments.Festivals are the occasions when all the members of the family and friends meet together to enjoy the Puja Holidays.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jul 2015 (#)

Without celebrating festivals we lose our connection with our roots. Even when one resides in another country, we never forget to remember them and celebrate within the confines of space allowed.

Nice write up Pramalkumarsamanta - siva

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
6th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for complement and supporting views. It is really pleasure to celebrate the festivals and to enjoy it with all members of the family and the friends taken together.

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author avatar M G Singh
12th Jul 2015 (#)

Nice post, but why can't we do away with festivals.They often lead to riots in india

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
12th Jul 2015 (#)

TThanks for supporting views.In our secular country, ,every one has the right to enjoy his festival according to his religion So question of doing away with festival does not arise..

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