"Fifty Shades of Grey" and the battered woman

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To a formerly battered woman like I this book is an outrage. The promoting of this best seller only sends a negative message concerning the mistreatment and exploitation of women! Please read on!

A battered woman's point of view

I feel so sorry for women in this day and age who think that they have to compromise their principals by acting like they approve of the S & M sex life that the characters in "Fifty Shades of Grey" portray, and, who have unwittingly contributed to this travesty becoming a best seller!

I personally know what it is like to be brainwashed, exploited and abused

To me there is nothing thrilling about the S & M sex life or about being battered and then having make up sex. If young women think that this type of behavior is about love then they need some serious counseling to know what real love is all about.

There is nothing glamorous or fulfilling about being used and abused; so why is this book so popular?? It is because our society has no respect for the most sacred relationship between a man and a woman which should be reserved for marriage. We as women give it all before marriage and then men get bored with us!

Not only that but they know they can have sex with just about any woman they desire and not have to commit. This leads to a type of sexual addiction or a thrill of the conquest and no one woman can ever satisfy this type of man. They are addicted to the game of falling in and out of lust and using women for sex.

I believe that unknowingly the Women's Liberation movement set the stage for this type of behavior! Please read on!!

Our promiscuous society

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is a result of our sex obsessed and promiscuous society that sets no boundaries on sex between two consenting adults. We don’t need to have everything brought out into the open in a book like this that sends the wrong message and makes an abusive relationship seem normal. If people would follow Biblical principals our society would not be in such trouble and our young women would not be in danger of being exploited, used and abused.

It all started in the 60’s and was perpetuated by the Woman’s Liberation Movement

Yes, "The Woman’s Liberation Movement" had some good aspects to it. However, for the most part it sent the wrong message! It made women think that they have to compete with men! It also set the stage for women acting like men when it comes to sex! The liars in the woman’s lib movement sent the message that women did not need the commitment of love or marriage. If they got pregnant they could just get an abortion!

The Bible values women higher than any movement can!

We as women do not need a Godless movement to tell us how we should act and what our value is. The Bible values women more highly than any movement can.

A few selfish men have tried to use the wrong literal and contextual interpretation of the Bible to control their wives, however, that does not make the Bible wrong.

In fact many years ago I was married to an abusive control freak who tried to use his biased and warped interpretation of the Bible to control and abuse me until I learned for myself what the Bible actually said!!

After I learned what the Bible said on how husbands should treat their wives he could no longer use it to abuse me!!

The Bible says in Ephesians 5 verse 25

Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her!

1st Peter 3 verse 7 states!

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

So you see the Bible has always given women their rights! We really did not need a strong movement to upset the delicate balance and turn women into men!! There is so much more I can write on this subject that I am very passionate about because I have 3 sons! However, I don’t want to preach too much in this article!

At any rate, women had all the freedom they could ever desire but the only catch was that they marry a Godly man and not all Christian men are Godly men! They may talk the talk but it is all in the walk! If they are walking with Jesus they would not lay a hand on their wives but instead honor, love, cherish and protect them as the delicate sex.

A Godly man is full of compassion, love, self sacrifice and loyalty! To put it pure and simple a Godly man is a man with the characteristics of Christ who would rather die than hurt his wife!!

Take a brief intermission from this article and listen to a Collection of Love songs from the 60’s

Women should hold on to their virginity until marriage

God made us very special with our virginity to be honored and held in high regard as a precious gift to our husband on our wedding night. However, in this free American culture anything goes and nothing is sacred.

This is why people get bored with sex which can be so beautiful and fulfilling in a loving relationship! Their are many ways for a married couple to put the thrill back into sex instead of using abusive and disrespectful measures! What about role playing or change of scenery?? In fact sex in a committed loving relationship tops the charts when it comes to ecstasy!! God wants us to enjoy sex to the fullest not abuse this right!!

Unfortunately most women think that they have to give themselves to a man without any type of commitment or even respect. This sets us up for abuse!!

When my mother was a teenager

When Mom was a teenager a man would not even try to steal a kiss until the young woman knew for sure that his intentions were honorable and that he was not just using her for a thrill. Back then the majority of men respected women and those who didn’t got slapped on their face!

Our country would save millions on abortions if just one principal was set it place

That principal is that women should be taught how to respect their bodies and save their virginity for marriage. Men should be taught to respect women and not try to force their intentions on them. What will it take for our country to see the truth?? I guess we have to go full circle before we come back to the old fashioned and time tested moral principles that we should have never ventured away from in the first place.

Everyone knows that a young virgin has no desire for sex

She has nothing but fear for this act!! Yet, she can be talked into this because our society does no respect for true womanhood!! Our society needs to support saving oneself for marriage and take down all those scandalous bill boards and stop forcing us to watch movies that promote sex without love or commitment!!


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Mar 2013 (#)

Never read the book Fifty Shades of Grey and neither has my wife. Glad you shared your views about it as that may open the eyes of other women.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
17th Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you so much Mark for you kind comment and for letting me speak my mind on such a controversial subject. I love Wikinut and feel that I can help others with this writing platform!! Thank you so much!!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
18th Mar 2013 (#)

Nice review and feelings for humanity...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Mar 2013 (#)

Passionately written, Judy, thanks. We reap what we sow and I worry about the future generations. At least, we know right from wrong but they will only see their older generation spinning out of control without a moral compass. In traditional Asian societies, women had a pivotal role to hold the family together and held in high esteem. They were considered the epitome of personal sacrifice. However, the younger generation will just say they are just being taken advantage of. In the end, no one is prepared to make any sacrifice and end up taking advantage of everyone. Families come apart with the children being the ultimate sufferers. We can all live with much less and contented - siva

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you Siva for you enlightening comment! I feel that women's lib has gotten out of control turning women into slaves!! In fact women suffer from more abuse today then they did 50 years ago.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
18th Mar 2013 (#)

dear Judy . I have not read fifty shades of grey , neither do I wish to do so , but I wholeheartedly say , Yes , Yes < Yes < to every comment you have written above . God gave me a vision many years ago of all who had been abused through incest , rape and violence , and had me pray that those evils would be exposed . I prayed for 5 weeks continually , and then one woman spoke of her harrowing ordeal on an English program , and from then on the flood gates opened ....and to this day many are helped through counsel and prayer .
God bless you for bringing up this most delicate subject .

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Thank you Stella for your love and support!!

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Mar 2013 (#)

I did not say that the Women Liberation movement advocated this kind of abuse!! You are misunderstanding what I have written. The women's liberation movement forces women to feel unfulfilled as wives and mothers which in turn means they have to work themselves to death and compete with men. The free love movement is part of the Godless women's liberation movement.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
19th Mar 2013 (#)

Kaylar! If you study what the Women's liberation movement stands for today you will find out that this movement wants to actually turn women into men! How can that be freedom? We are told to behave just like men! I don't want to be a man! I love my womanhood! The Bible gives me more freedom then any out of control Women's liberation movement that makes men afraid of us!!! Actually my next article will be on men gaining back their freedom!! Our men are very much abused, used and manipulated by women in this upside down society of ours!! Men matter too!! I say this because I have 3 sons who were used and manipulated by women!! Yes, there are men who still abuse women in this day and age and in fact more women are abused today then 50 years ago! The abuse on both sides will not stop until God is brought back into the picture!! The Bible has always had the answers for an equal and free society!!!

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author avatar michiedoll
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

this is wonderful article,great job

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author avatar Janelle Coulton
24th Mar 2013 (#)

Judy, great article and what you are saying is so true. There would be less abortions, less unplanned pregnancies and less divorce amongst many other things if we could just get back to the values our parents taught us. My mother would have definitely slapped my father in the early days of courting had he tried to steal a kiss too soon. They waited until their wedding night for sex. The women's lib movement did give women the wrong idea about sex ad relationships and it is largely to blame for all the divorce and broken relationships we see today. I have not read 50 Shades, but I have a copy that was given to me, and I am seriously think that I will not bother to read it. Reading about S&M and free and easy sex does not thrill me at all.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
1st Apr 2013 (#)

Oh my goodness Janelle!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out about this subject!! I was actually afraid to submit this article for fear that many women would end up hating me! So far everyone who has commented has renewed my faith in mankind! What a joy you are and I treasure your comment and support!!

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author avatar M G Singh
2nd Apr 2013 (#)

Nice post Judy. Women have a long way to travel

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