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Almost everybody has some kind of acquaintance with SPAM. They can be very annoying. Escpecially when they fill your email box with hundreds of useless mails.
Emails come from outside our laws and regulations, and are difficult to control.
This page will give you the best 5 Rules to do tokeep from spam.

How Widespread Is Spam?

How widespread is Spam? According to Scott McAdams, OMA Public Affairs and Communications Department (
“Studies show unsolicited or “junk” e-mail, known as spam, accounts for nearly half of all e-mail messages received. Although once regarded as little more than a nuisance, the prevalence of spam has increased to the point where many users have begun to express a general lack of confidence in the benefit of e-mail transmissions, and increased concern over the spread of computer viruses via unsolicited messages.”
In 2003, President Bush signed the “Can Spam” bill, in December of 2003 which is the first national standards around bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail. The bill, approved by the Senate by a vote of 97 to 0, prohibits senders of unsolicited commercial e-mail from using false return addresses to conceal their identity (spoofing) and the use of dictionaries to generate such mailers. In addition, it prohibits the use of misleading subject lines and requires that emails include and opt-out mechanism. The law also prohibits senders from harvesting addresses off Web sites. Violations constitute a misdemeanor crime subject to up to one year in jail.
Spam come in great numbers from other countries. Emails come from outside our laws and regulations, and are difficult to control. Because the Internet opens borders and thinks globally, these laws are fine and good, but do not block the problem.
So what do you do about this? Here are the best 5 Rules to do to keep from spam.

Number 1: Avoid Having Your Email Address Out On The Net

There are products called “spam spiders”. They search the Internet for email addresses to send email to. If interested, perform a search on “spam spider” and you will be amazed at what you get back. Interestingly, there is a site,, which is an open source project geared to meet Internet "spambots" and "spam spiders", by giving them fake HTML web pages, which contain bogus email addresses
A couple suggestions: a) use form emails, which can hide addresses or also b) use addresses like instead of your full address to help fight the problem. c) There are also programs that encode your email, like jsGuard, which encodes your email address on web pages so that while spam spiders find it difficult or impossible to read your email address.

Number 2: Get Spam Blocking Software

There are many programs out there for this. (go to or ). One may also obtain a professional version. Whatever you do, get the software. It will save time. The software is not safe,, but it really helps. One usually have to do some manual set up to prevent certain types of email.

Number 3: Use The Multiple Email Address Submission

There are a lot of free email addresses to be had. If you must subscribe to newsletters, then have a “back-up” email address. It would be like giving your sell phone number to your best friends and the business number to everyone else.

Number 4: Attachments From People You Don’t Know Are BAD, BAD, BAD.

A common problem with spam is that they contain attachments and attachments can have viruses. Corporations often have filters that don’t allow such things happen. Personal email is for spammers. General rule of thumb: if you do not know who is sending you something, DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT. Secondly, look for services that offer filtering. Firewall vendors offer this type of service as well.

Number 5: Email Services Now Have “Bulk-Mail” Baskets

If what you use currently does not support this, think about moving to a new vender. The concept is simple. If you know someone, they can send you emails. If you do not know them, put them in the bulk email pile and then “choose” to let them into your circle. Spam Blocking software has also this idea.


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