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Very often, we hear a particular song and fall in love with it. And the next thing we do is wonder what other songs are out there which are similar to that particular song! Seems familiar? Well, this article is about finding songs effectively that are similar to a particular song.

The following three ways would help you out in finding songs that are similar to a particular song-

1. Google:
It is obvious, isn’t it? But many people, although google everything else; do not try searching these things on google. If you love a song and want to find similar songs, google is the place for you. For example, if you are trying to find songs similar to ‘My heart will go on by Celine Dion’, search something like ‘celine dion my heart will go on similar songs’ or ’songs like my heart will go on’ etc.! Try different searches for effective results.

2. Yahoo answers:
This is one of the best ways to find songs similar to your favorite song. Just create a Yahoo Answers account if you don’t have one and post a question asking for songs similar to your favorite song, and within no time, you will get answers from yahoo users. In most cases, the songs recommended by yahoo users come out to be really similar to the song specified.

3. Pandora:
Well, not many people think of it, do they? Pandora is a great way to find songs that are similar to a particular song. Just register and make an album using your favorite song; and you’ll find plenty of songs that are similar to your favorite song in minutes. The best thing about using Pandora is that you will not only get songs that are similar in lyrics; but also in melody, genre, background music and style of singing!

Hope this article helped you to find your favorite songs!


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