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We don't get to read some of the great thinkers as they don't put their ideas on paper. However, if they were to channelize their thoughts through blogs, we would be richer. If you get started, it is not too difficult, to crystallize ideas into blogs.

Wikinut the Trigger

A study shows that 70,000 ideas cross our minds every day. What are we thinking about? There should be at least one idea which can convert into a blog.

When I shared my new found Freedom, in expressing my thoughts through Wikinut to a neighbor, she exclaimed how I managed to find ideas day after day. I have written 10 blogs in the last 10 days for Wikinut. I told her that I have a long list of ideas and new ones develop everyday based on my interactions. This article is a fall out of the particular interaction with her. So let us look into how it has worked for me so far.

Writing is not alien to me as I have been a journalist in the past and also blogged for my website (A website which gives free lessons in TV Journalism to beginners). Wikinut gave me the freedom to choose any topic I wished to write on. I was no more limited to the media ambit. The first article I chose to write on was about a treatment which gave me freedom from tooth ache - Alternative to Root Canal? I wrote the article after my 'thank you' visit to the Dentist, who had suggested the alternative treatment. Next, a visit to a Hindu temple gave me the idea of Planet worship, while a movie review was written after seeing the Hindi Movie Chennai Express. The other ideas came from other interactions, a book or a random thought.

Identifying the idea

Once you are in the ideation mode, you would be able to see that there are multiple events which could convert into a blog. Identifying the right idea is the first required skill. For choosing the right idea, ask yourself the following questions.
i) Which ideas are expandable and hence good enough for a blog?
ii) Next, which idea will work well with readers? and last, but not the least,
iii) Which of the ideas will give you satisfaction when you put it on paper

Simplify and Exaggerate

After identifying the idea apply a principle used by some journalists viz. Simplify and Exaggerate. Simplify here stands for focusing on one aspect of the idea. Convert this aspect into a simple story. Don't consider the literal meaning of Exaggerate. Exaggerate here, means, break the simplified story into its various elements and highlight the key points.

Hope these thoughts helped you find new blogging ideas.


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author avatar Ptrikha
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Good tips. I too use this approach, and the best is to first identify key bullet points, and then expand on them one by one. The elaboration can be suitably supported by images.

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author avatar A Ravi Shankar
9th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks for the nice comment and info.

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