Finding Nemo

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If you can focus on being the observer whilst meditating this will bring interesting benefits in your daily life too. Why not give it a try??

Finding Nemo

Recently my meditation teacher talked to us using an interesting metaphor.

He said, 'imagine that your life is like an aquarium. In the tank there's a light, water, fish and stones on the bottom. While your thoughts are very, very calm the stones stay in their place, and the water is clear and your light shines strongly and visibly.

What happens when you get upset and your thoughts overwhelm you? The stones get whirled around and your light is no longer clear, and sometimes it is not even visible. If there are fish in the tank, they get pushed around and maybe you can't see them clearly either.'

I immediately understood the metaphor. I liked the practical imagery of the story. The lamp represents my soul, and the stones and fish show my thoughts and the actions that happen in my life. I could see that sometimes I even give other people a paddle and let them swirl around the water in my aquarium.

With this metaphor to work with we moved to using it in meditation. We were to practice being the observer. The aim was to be focus on being the light, and to observe our thoughts as they swam around. We were not to be the thoughts or to connect with them, just to watch them. We were to try to calm the waters in our aquarium, let the stones settle, and try to let our light shine as much as possible.

This was an interesting meditation. It took some practice to learn to separate, and to see that I am not the things that are happening around me. It was difficult not to associate the 'I am' with the thoughts that float around.

In time I find that by practising this focus I am able to develop, and maintain, a relatively calm mind set which gets less upset by things that happen in the outside world. I am more readily able to separate from things that are said, and to not take everything personally. Best of all I find that with this calmness of mind I am able to let my light shine. The connection to my soul and heart is easier to make as there is less rubbish to get in the way.

Next time your thoughts threaten to overwhelm you, maybe it would help to take a step back, consider the aquarium metaphor, take a breath and observe what is happening without judgement and attachment. You might be surprised at the difference it makes!

Osho said, 'while there are still thoughts there will be ripples on the lake of your mind'. Now I understand what he meant.

Are you going to let outside factors shake up your ability to shine?

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Thought provoking. I separate myself from what is happening around me as they too will pass - life is one hurricane after another and that makes it worth the while - siva

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author avatar S. C. Weeks
31st Aug 2013 (#)

When do you consider the a meal complete?

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author avatar S. C. Weeks
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Excuse the typo... I meant..When do you consider a meal to be complete?

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author avatar Soul Purpose
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Don't understand the question in the context of what I wrote.
Or is this a general philosophical question?

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author avatar Mrs. Polly
8th Sep 2013 (#)

Very good advice.

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