Fire Plan to Exit a Burning Building

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Safety precautions in our building in case of fire, I feel need to be improved. I don't think the landlord has a solid plan.


I couldn't sleep all night. I was still awake at 11am. I was trying to sleep and the darn building alarm went off. The alarm sounded close to an hour. There was a fire somewhere in the building but it did not seem to be on my floor.

Evacuation proceedure

I guess it couldn't have been that bad because the firemen did not come to everyone's door to tell them to get out. It is just so annoying when the alarm goes off it is very loud. I had to get dressed just in case I had to evacuate the building. Remember I was just trying to get off to sleep.

Many people in the building are in wheelchairs as this is a senior building. I often wonder what if there was an electrical fire that caused a major fire in the building. My son said could never happen in this building. Still all these people in wheelchairs would have such a hard time to get out of the building. There are small elevators but no ramps in the building at all.

Is there enough time to get out?

Later I was talking to people in the building to find out just how a person in a wheelchair could get out of the building. If the elevators don’t work they certainly cannot go down the stairs.

Apparently, the city, which is our landlord, does have a plan for this very situation. If there is a fire in the building, the tenants in wheelchairs are to wait in their apartments. The firemen have a list of everyone in a wheelchair and they will come to individually get them and take them out.

For a small containable fire, this plan sounds great; but, if the whole building is a blaze then people in wheelchairs may burn to death before everyone is gotten out safely. I just think there should be a better way to help people who are wheelchair bound.

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Interesting post!

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