Fire-fighters --saviour of the modern societies.

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Fire brigades are essential in combating fire in the modern society , if fire is caught in the go downs of inflammable articles or in the multi storied building. It causes havoc panic to the lives of the building and the adjoining areas in the locality . The fire brigade are pressed into service to douse the flame and save the lives and the properties at any cost.


The Fire brigades play a constructive role in containing fire in modern cities. Fire causes great damages to the lives and properties, if fire is caught in the top floor of the high rise buildings or in the go downs of inflammable articles like plastic goods, tarpaulins, leather, resins, hoarding of L P G cylinders , petrol ,diesel ,Kerosene oil etc. Initially the billowing of smokes and tremendous heat covers the entire burning area , only the Fire brigades along with water storage tankers are rushed to the spot and pressed into service to control the flame. It is also very difficult to arrange for the sources of water,if it is not available in the area of the locality. . . The fire fighting personnel gather in large numbers with their fire fighting vehicles . They survey the firing place instantly and devise their strategy to control the high flames. It is very hazardous and risky on their part to contain the rising flames. Specially in the summer season , fire aggravates the situation worse . Water and foam are the main ingredients to combat the fire. The firemen try their level best to douse the flame. The firemen and the policemen cordon the entire burning area so that no more such places are affected by the fire. Similarly in the high rise building , if fire is caught, the firemen uses their long ladders to rescue the affected residents of the building . It is really tough task to control and put out the flame. The blowing air also aggravates and complicates the situation beyond control. Only the foam used is very much helpful in containing the flame.. Water tanks are readily useful to extinguish the flame. Fire in the market complex causes heavy damages in the consumer goods , dresses, dress materials and the makeshift arrangement of the shops with tarpaulins.

Causes of fire

The reasons of fire generally may be due to short circuit in the electrical installations. . There are few instances of reported sabotage in the firing of market places. There may be instances of carelessness either on the part of the employees of the go downs or on the customers throwing burning cigarette butts in the nearby cause a fire. Now the people are more conscious of the situation. They do not indulge in such uncivil acts that may cause fire accident either at home or outside. Whenever firing causes in any place , there is a panic developed in or around the area. Whenever any smoke is detected in the place, it is our foremost duty to remove the smoke. If the smoke is left neglected , it may develop into fire. Forthwith the fire station and the police station of the area should be informed so that they can take care of the whole situation . If they take time to come to the spot , immediate arrangement is made so that the fire cannot be spread to save the life and the property. Fire extinguishers are installed in the offices and the multi-complex buildings to avert the fire, if it is detected in any corner of the building,necessary steps are taken to extinguish the flame. The fire drills are generally held to alert the fire fighting personnel in the highly inflammable LPG and petrol, diesel and kerosene distribution centers so that no untoward situation is developed in these areas and the adjoining localities. Smoking of cigarettes is also strictly prohibited in the highly sensitive areas.


Fire safety is the prime concern of all citizens of the country .The Department of Fire Services is the full fledged department under the state government to control and fight the fire. The Directorate of Fire Services is fully equipped with modern fire fighting machines,automatic ladders and vehicles to combat the fire. The district and Sub divisional fire stations are located in every district and Sub divisional Headquarters. The fire fighting personnel are so well trained that they may face any tough situation.of fire. It is needless to say that fire causes causes huge damage of the lives and properties without timely intervention. We should hold high regards for the fire-fighters in the society.


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