First aid for Bone Injuries

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Find out what first aid injuries is necessary for a specific ligament or bone injury.

The RICE Treatment

A person who is injured needs first aid. First aid is an emergency treatment given to an injured person before medical help can be obtained. For a person who has a sprain, use the RICE treatment. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Rest. Do not move the affected joint. Moving it will make the injury worse. Lie down the injured person in a comfortable position. Ice. Apply ice pack to reduce swelling. A cloth soak in cold water can also be used to lessen the pain. Compression. Wrap a bandage around the affected joint. A soft cloth may be used if a bandage is not available. Elevation. Raise the injured joint above the level of the heart to lessen the pain. This is because; the blood in the injured area will flow much slower and thus lessen the pain.

For Fractured Bone

A sprain may not need medical treatment. After first aid has been given, let the patient continue to rest. The sprain may heal in a day or so. If an injured person has a fracture, give the following first aid. But remember to call for help from the very start. If there are people nearby, simply yelling “help” will do. Also make sure that someone calls for a doctor or ambulance immediately.

1. Help the person sit or lie down without moving the injured part. If he or she is already lying down, do not move him or her.
2. Apply an ice pack or cloth soaked in cold water on the injured part to lessen the pain. But this is not advisable for an open fracture.
3. Apply a disinfectant if there is a break in the skin to prevent infection.
4. Use a splint to support the broken bone. If a smooth piece of wood is not available for a splint, you can make a splint by folding a newspaper until it is firm enough to support the injured part.

Caution, do not attempt to move the injured person if he or she has a broken neck or backbone. Any slight movement can make the injury worse. Better to call for help as fast as possible. Do not also move a person if his or her thigh has a open fracture. After the first aid had been given, a doctor should attend to the fracture. The patient will be x-rayed to find out how much of the bone is damaged.


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