First day of Spring; time to start gardening

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Today is offically the first day of spring and with unusually warm weather here I can't help but to start thinking about gardening

Garden the planning stages

I am so happy Spring is finally here and that means my next favorite season is soon on its way summer. Thankfully we have not had too bad of a winter consider were we live is normally brutal. However, I am still just as happy that winter is finally over and it is unusually warm out so I can't help but to start thinking about setting up my garden. I love to garden for many reason. For one to me it is relaxing I love being outside so any type of activity that can get me out Im there. Secondly it is extremely healthful to grow your own food not too mention a lot cheaper. Sure you might have to invest in a few things like some equipment, fertilizer,seeds but your invest comes back to you three fold and if you take care of your equipment it should last for a long time.

On a beautiful day like today I would (which I am going to after Im finished here its still fairly early yet here) go out to my shed and help my husband go through all of our equipment making sure everything is in good condition. Then while our 2 year old is playing in the yard we would sit at the deck and figure out what we want in our garden then we start to section off the space that the garden is going to be in and my husband will start till the ground. Then I label each row so that way we know what goes where and put up chicken wire to keep the cats and rabbits out,

I love the benefits most of all of having a garden. The benefits of having fresh grown food we always take a certain amount of fruits and vegetables that we grow and can and freeze so that way we have them year round. I even set aside a section to grow our own herbs and in the winter time I put a small herb garden in the kitchen window sill.

Preparing your garden

When your preparing your garden you want to start off by deciding what you want to grow and how much of it you want this way you can section how much land you will need. After you've done this you want to have a good tiller and begin tilling the ground. This prepares the ground for planting and makes it easier for you to dig when you start planting. You want to have long rows. Another thing you want to do is label each row or section the best way that a lot of people do this is by the seed package itself. Simple find a stick or twig nearby stick it in the ground at the end of the row or section and place the empty seed pack on top. When planting strawberries or grapes you will need to have something for them to climb on otherwise they will spread like wildfire and competely take over your whole garden. For lettuce and carrots you want to consider putting up chicken wire in order to keep rabbits out.


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
20th Mar 2012 (#)

Hmm... In this part of Canada (Southern Ontario) it is not yet officially spring yet. Normally at this time of year there will be snow on the ground and at least one more snow storm to come. The ground would normally be frozen.

BUT, and it is a big but! This winter has been so poor and spring has arrived early, which has left people unsure about what to do. The ground may still freeze again and we could still get another snowfall eventhough this past weekend has displayed summer type weather. What a quandary.

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