Five Common Myths about Ballet

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Ballet is a mysterious world for many - find out which common misconceptions change how people think about this form of dance.

The Ballet Stereotypes

As any art form, ballet is constantly being stereotyped by the public. But are those common conceptions of dancers really true, or are they made up? This article will talk about five popular beliefs about ballet dancers, and why they are inaccurate.

1. Men don’t dance/ Male ballet dancers are gay

Not necessarily! There are thousands of men who dance, both professionally and recreationally. Men in ballet must be strong, lean and muscular, in order to gracefully lift the female dancer in the air. Some are homosexual, some are not - this does not have anything to do with the fact that they dance.

2. Ballet is easy – it’s just prancing around in tutus.

If that is so, why does it take more than 10 years to train a professional dancer? The reason why people think that ballet is easy is because, when done correctly, it looks effortless. This is however just another factor which makes it harder – on top of all that physical work, the dancer must make it appear as though there is no work involved.

3. Ballet dancers are often anorexic.

Although there are certain physical requirements for dancers, it is almost impossible to dance professionally while being anorexic. The sheer amount of physical work requires a dancer to eat well. Yes, some young dancers develop eating disorders as a result of the pressure dancing exudes on them, but this is not the rule and if they attend a good studio, the issue will be discussed and taken care of responsibly.

4. You have to be young to start ballet.

Of course, there is a certain age limit to becoming a professional dancer, but anyone can start dancing for fun! In fact, it is one of the most rewarding hobbies a person can have. See my Top Ten Reasons to Start Dancing as an Adult

5. A person who dances ballet is a ballerina.

“Ballerina” is a term used for principal dancers only. Ballet students and even most professional dancers are not ballerinas; they are simply people dancing ballet.

Although many of those myths are based on some fact, or at least exist for a reason, these five ways of looking at ballet are by no means accurate. Almost everything in life gets stereotyped in some way, and it is the public’s responsibility to determine whether these common beliefs are really true or not.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Jun 2013 (#)

Well my ballet teacher was a male and I can tell you one thing, he had a girlfriend and was anything but gay.
It promotes grace and flexibility and above all it shows you a way to balance apart from being agile and nimble with jumps, turns, spins and above all prevents you from gaining weight as you watch your diet too...
None the less, I like men who are thin with lean muscle not bulky guys who think their are the Alpha males. But till date none have impressed me enough, except Michael Jackson who is to me the best in dance....

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