Five Easy Tips to Keep Your Website Secure

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Have a website? The first thing comes in our mind about How to protect website? This guide will help you.

Five Easy Tips to Keep Your Website Secure

Although the web site you manage is not among the world's most powerful web, keep in mind that even for the smallest of the domains that provides electronic commerce services, the attack of a virus or hacker could result in a long cumbersome process of resolution of complaints from affected customers.

The following basic guidelines you can be very useful to prevent attacks on a website:

1. Use a different mail account for personal use

It seems obvious, there are people who use e-mail account they manage their web site to register for the most popular internet sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Tagged, Twitter, etc.., among others. This is an unnecessary risk, as is well known that Phishers often carry out mass mailings of spam posing as official services to such companies.

2. Beware of any request for information via email

From my personal experience I can share a couple of months ago; I received emails on behalf of Paypal, which asked me to confirm my user data through a link that led to a form, but before any action, I entered my account directly from the PayPal site: nothing, there was no message about it from service providers. I cannot believe the amount of time to be spent to clear up a fraud on my account.

If you get to receive any request for information via e-mail, it is best to ignore the messages and income directly to the service page to rule out attempts at deception. If you do not know the shipping charge, simply delete it.

3. Keep your computer updated

I refer specifically to download patches (Pat or Patches) for the latest system you use on your computer. A Patch is a small software solution or service solves a program or system application. You can begin by identifying what status update is to make the necessary updates later, but the important thing is that you keep up to date.

4. Beware of P2P networks

If you need to use a P2P network like Bit Torrent or the like, it is recommended to do it from another computer to prevent access by a foreign agent files on your website that you have stored on your laptop or PC.

5. Pay attention to news circulating on the Internet

It may sound naive, but silly or false information circulating on the Internet; it does not hurt to do an intelligent search to keep abreast of the latest threats and attacks on web sites that have been registered. This way you can learn from the experience of others and be prepared for future eventualities.

I hope these simple recommendations will be useful and apply them in controlling your web sites and blog.

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30th Sep 2010 (#)

some day
i'll have to make a web site with ur help

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1st Oct 2010 (#)

Definitely I will make a website for you my friend.

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2nd Oct 2010 (#)

you have been marked
the writer of the day
u will get laurells
all ur life
that i do say
congrats and my blessings all the way.

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2nd Oct 2010 (#)

thanks for the offer
how much will it cost
and is it worth it for
poetry a
nd the human mind
based on dates of birth time etc

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5th Oct 2010 (#)

I will send you message on Triond.

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6th Jul 2011 (#)

nice article...

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