Five Magical Ways to End A Fight

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So how do you stop fighting and enjoying your relationship? Here are five systematic steps that when followed keenly can turn that altercation in to make-up session.

Five Magical Ways to End A Fight

Lower your voice: if you listen keenly to yourself as you get worked up, you will notice the sudden projection as you begin to lose your cool up to the point where you are almost yelling. Controlling your voice at this early stage will keep you calm and rational. Just breathe in and out, slowly and consciously. Chances are if you raise your voice, your partner will either do the same or worst of all shut down which cuts all the lines of communication.

Close in the distance: as the fight progresses and it becomes harder to come to a consensus, fight the urge to storm out of the room. As long as both you and your partner are in the same room and willing to come to an agreement, you will find a solution. And even if you don’t, you will probably realize that your relationship is more important than whatever you are fighting about.

Watch your undertone: your undertone can create a situation where you are saying one thing but the tone of your voice seems to give the impression that you mean another. No matter how far you lower your voice, if your tone remains sarcastic or rude you still cannot fix the situation.

Introduce some form of physical contact. Hold your partner’s hand, wrap your arms around his neck or if you are sitting next to each other, ensure that your legs touch. If your girl is in the middle of an uncontrollable panic attack, surprise her mid-sentence with a passionate kiss and watch the wall of an anger melt away. Remember, however to keep contact subtle as your partner may get irritated.

Listen, Listen, And Listen: It doesn’t matter how wrong you think your partner is, if you don’t listen, chances are they will not give you a chance to express yourself either. Your relationship is not some competition you are trying to win. Do not interrupt your partner. Wait for your turn and express yourself clearly. Be careful not to use insulting language as this will only worsen the situation.

Remember that you might not solve all your differences. It might even take you and your partner years to get in sync and being to see your things from the same angle, but when if you are able to stop the fight when you feel it coming, your relationship survives and you both live fight another day.


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