Five Mistakes Men Make Approaching Women

Donald Pennington By Donald Pennington, 7th Apr 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Each and every one of these mistakes men make when approaching women could - and might - be a stand-alone topic post. These could either be what ruins your evening, or what you avoid.

5. He doesn't think all-too-highly of himself.

What does it tell a woman when a guy who doesn't even seem to like himself is making a move on her? Not all, but most women, are attracted to a confident man. Again, not every individual woman, but most. Play the numbers to your best advantage. Most women are also very good at sniffing out why a guy thinks badly of himself. Know this.

4. Crappy shoes/inability to match

No woman really wants to date a 7-year-old. Look, if you're asking her to be seen in public with you, at least dress like you're aware you're outside. An extra pair of shoes, just for meeting others, at least, will serve any man well, to improve his odds.

As for matching - just get to know the basics, or at least ask for recommendations from strangers at the store, while shopping.

3. Putting her on the pedestal.

Quit fawning, already. Can't we just sometimes talk like real adult people? Sometimes, getting your ass kissed and constant, insecure apologies gets old. Pedestals are where nice boys put women. She's wanting to find a nice man.

2. Using pick up lines.

The only legitimate line is "Hi. My name is ..." And listen to her reply. Even when a certain line has served you well once in the past, each new woman you meet is an entirely different individual. What one might have found funny (She was really just being polite) long ago won't necessarily work on others.

Classes and/or groups and categories are what's used to itemize research. Dealing with everyday, real-world women takes an entirely different approach in treating them as the individuals they are.

1. Not being fun/funny.

This includes the melodramatic. It's even worse than trying groaners. Corny does better than dramatic. Far better to at least ripoff television skits - as long as you do it well, than to try appealing through a sad look. Sob-stories usually suck. That is, unless you're truly "vulnerable."


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author avatar Feisty
14th May 2014 (#)

Honesty is one of the most attractive qualities in a human being.

That being said, I do prefer to meet anyone who can tie their own shoes, shoes that match, of course.

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author avatar Donald Pennington
14th May 2014 (#)

Our shoes are supposed to match, too? Dang. Y'all women are never satisfied. :D

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