Five Principles of Home Management

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A practical guide to an effective and efficient home management.

Five Principles of Home Management

Home management is a responsibility of every family member. Most likely this is viewed as a burden than a training ground. But if you try to reconsider this thought the home is basically the starting point of practice for work and responsibility. To make it effective it is important to always execute the best at every assigned task. This way the chores will become lighter and everything will go smoothly for everyone.

5 Principles

1. Everyone is responsible.

As a part of the family everyone is obliged to do the assigned task. It is inapt to only rely on the mother who is usually shared with the biggest workload. If everyone takes responsibility and helps, home management will be effective.

2. Make it simple.

One or two house works can be enough to execute in daily living. It makes one feel useful in accomplishing something productive. But remember that too much of something is bad and so with too much work. It makes one feel tired and might give the feeling of frustration if not done.

3. Have fun.

Maintain a positive thought to make the work at ease. Loving what is being done will promote an acceptance of natural responsibility. It keeps one feel motivated and every accomplishment is worth the fun.

4. Define a pattern.

Imagine a house without any of the member doing any job. At the end of the day everything will turn out a mess and there will be no peaceful atmosphere to make it a comfy place to live. But if everyone does even a small task, a pattern clearly set, the day will end with an organized house to make it a home.

5. Set an example.

Usually the parents set themselves as an example. But one can also practice being a role model for the rest to follow. It is not a good idea to count who is doing what and what is to be done by who. It needs cooperation to build a house and a home.


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author avatar joeldgreat
11th Nov 2010 (#)

As a parent, I definitely agree to all your tips. especially the #5. Yes, we should set as an example to our kids.

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author avatar Katrina
24th Dec 2010 (#)

Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips and no doubt Tips # 5 is the most important one.

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author avatar CC23
25th Jan 2011 (#)

thanks for the comments, too. =)

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author avatar Greenfaol
28th Jan 2011 (#)

Excellent article, great tips all of them :D

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author avatar CC23
28th Jan 2011 (#)

thanks buddy. =)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
17th Apr 2011 (#)


Great tips, keep it up.
Write more.

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author avatar CC23
20th Apr 2011 (#)

thank you for reading and for the comment. =)

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author avatar Dernahi
18th Nov 2012 (#)

wrong answer

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author avatar Athena
25th Apr 2015 (#)

Household management is just the same as home management?

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