Five Things You Must Know About Your Router

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End users today take advantage of the various benefits associated with routers today. Consumers are desperate to gain information about how to improve the use of a perfect router.

Wireless Router FAQ

It's important for users to realize how beneficial is the default IP for managing the router settings personally. Within the next few sections we will see the most significant things about the default router IP.

An Internet Protocol

Just about every piece of equipment connected to a computer network gets a completely unique IP address. This numerical label is commonly used by resources for recognition and communication with one another. The main purpose of the IP address are highlighted below.

- Location addressing
- Network or host interface identification

A default IP address

Default IPs are given to some resources in the computer network. These resources IP's can be changed by users when manufactures of these resources designed these with enough adaptability.

Wireless router

Your router has the possibility to send out data packets when required. The router must be part of the network system. This means that the router is connected to the LAN or WAN network and the ISP's network.

5 Things involved in the default router IP

If you own a wireless router with a default IP address, then you will need to find out more about it. Please take care of the next five things connected with your default IP. You will get an overview concerning how to use your wireless router based on its default router IP and make your wireless networking router powerful.

- Wireless router setup
- Logging into the router
- Change settings and configurations
- Change the default IP address
- Troubleshoot

1. Setup the router

When you purchase a new router it's very important to set it up properly. Be sure to get the owner's manual when you invest in a new router. This user manual is very helpful to set up a router and diagnose any type of problem connected with your router.

The 1st step in the router set up process is cabling installation. The router must be connected to the Computer via the LAN port. After you do that, the next phase would be to setup your Laptop or computer to receive an unique IP address from the wireless router. Now, you must power off the modem, router and computer.

You must be sure that you power onthe following devices one after another.

- Broadband modem
- WiFi router
- Computer

2. Logging into the router

Next you need to login to your router in order to configure it. Start your browser and type the default IP address in the search bar. If you have done everything correctly, the router login window will show up. Enter the default router details.

3. Wireless router configuration

Once you enter the router admin page, it is possible to alter its configuration settings as you wish. For example, you can improve your network name or change the passphrase. You can also find out more in the user's manual.

In the admin panel you can also modify the default username or password, port forwarding, plus much more. Once you save the changes, your wireless router is ready for use.

4. Default IP change

It's almost guaranteed that you will like to change the default password. It is possible to modify these login details and get the full support to make your dreams about the home network safety and security become a reality. You have to change the wireless router administration panel password before somebody else does it and make your home network unprotected.

Select the Administration or Tools part in your router administration panel. Then, you are able to see where to change the router password. Then you must create a strong password composed of letters and numbers. Don't forget to remember this new password It is because you should use this new password any time you login to your router’s settings page.

5. Fixing networking problems

Many wireless router users get much difficulty after they get the most complex problems. Even though they possess the owner's manual on the subject of how to troubleshoot their router’s problems, they get confused with some complex characteristics.

Every user of wireless router seeks what they should do when their router is slower in its efficiency. They have to keep in mind that almost every single wireless router operates on the 2.5 GHz band in the most effective manner. Therefore it is good to check whether another device runs using the same band and interferes with the router performance.

For instance, you should check whether your garage doors opener or cordless phone works on the same band and triggers the issue. This is recommended to understand that three real channels of this particular band work without overlapping with each other. These 3 channels are 1, 6 and 11. Those who change the router channel in a best way can enhance the pace of their router effectively.

You may not update your router’s firmware so far. However, you can select to update the router firmware at this point and grab all the benefits. If you look at the wireless router manufacturer’s website, then you can get a firmware upgrade almost immediately.

Once you've downloaded the latest firmware of your wireless router, go back to the admin page of your wireless router by log in using the account information. Look for the firmware upgrade section in the wireless router admin page. An easy way to follow simple steps for upgrading the wireless router firmware offers you a variety of benefits as awaited.


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