Five tips to declutter your home

Katie Wilkes By Katie Wilkes, 3rd Jan 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Sick of the clutter stressing you out everytime you walk through the door?
I've compiled five simple ways to begin decluttering your home without it driving you crazy.


It may seem like a huge task if your house or room is filled with clutter, and you might not know where to start.

The Plan

1. If your whole house is in need of a good clear out, start on one room, and stick with it until you finish. Don't just shift clutter from one room to another! You are only moving the problem around, and you will get stressed out and fed up. It might be tempting to move on before you have completely finished - don't. Get one job done before moving onto the next.

2. If you haven't used something for 6+ months, consider if you really need it. Throw it away, or sell it. There are several ways you can sell stuff - online places such as eBay for general items and Amazon for selling good quality books (academic books go for the higher prices - see if you have any you can sell!). If something isn't worth selling yourself but is still in good condition/working order, why not donate it to a local charity shop or community group?

3. Clothes. Do you have a rediculous amount of clothes that you no longer wear? Some still with the tags on? Yes, me too. There are several ways you can get rid of them, either sell them on eBay, donate them to a charity shop, or see if your friends/family can use them. I used to have clothes draping over every surface in my bedroom, now I am ruthless - fill your wardrobe for the season. Put out of season clothes in vacuum pack bags, and keep them somewhere out of the way such as the loft, garage or even under your bed. Lets face it, you aren't going to be wearing that bikini in the snow are you?

4. Paperwork. Oh dear. Do you open your mail, then just toss it into a drawer? I used to too. But opening that drawer to look for something stressed me out. De-clutter it! Get an expanding file, take half an hour to label the dividers, and file all your letters and paperwork away. Every time you acquire more paperwork, simply slot it in the relevant section. Need to look for something? Easy peasy!!

5. Hobbies. Yes, this one is hard. Does your hobby take over your house? Does every room hold something relating to your hobby - yet you are always looking for things? Find a container big enough to store all your equipment together. Not only will your house look better for it, you will be able to find things easily! The key with hobby items - don't lock them away completely. It's awfully tempting to just not bother to go into the loft to pack away your 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Keep them easily accessible. Tidy doesn't necessarily mean out of sight. Buy a pretty box that matches your living room décor, and find a nice corner of the room for it, or slide it under the coffee table.

Keeping It That Way

So, you've tackled your cluttered rooms, tidied things away in the loft, garage or in storage boxes around your home, sold or donated all those things you didn't need - congratulations! But now what?

Make sure you never have to de-clutter your home again. Make time once a day or even once a week depending on your available time, to keep everything in order. File your papers away, once the weather turns, pack away the clothes you wont be wearing, and just don't hang onto thing you don't need! Clutter is an accumulation of never wanting to sort things out or get rid of things you don't need - don't let yourself be a victim again. Don't hate coming home - you should walk into a relaxing space in which you enjoy spending your time. Keep it that way!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Good points and tips. We tend to procrastinate forever but some do show the way how it can be done efficiently. Periodically discarding unwanted stuff is my way, but I do want do it more often! siva

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author avatar GenkiWorld
12th Jan 2015 (#)

these are great and effective tips to keep a clean and organized home, i have tryed many and they have worked great for me :)

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author avatar Retired
12th Jan 2015 (#)

I am in the process of trying to declutter my home

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author avatar NANCY CZERWINSKI
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Katie, thanks for sharing such great tips. Now that it's January I have plans to declutter. I hope I succeed.

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