Fixing your Bricked iPhone

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This article tackles about suggestions in dealing with bricked or stucked Iphone.

Fixing your Bricked iPhone

If you know well that jailbreaking and unknown error occurring in your IPhone, then probably you are also familiar with iPhone Brick. As the name defines, it is the state when your phone got stuck in black screen, you cannot use it to text or call, use its applications or even difficulty to turn it on and off.

There are several ways to “debricked” your iPhone. Two of the most popular are entering the recovery mode and entering the DFU mode. Recovery mode has a sign that states connect to iTunes, however, in DFU mode, the device’s screen backlight is off and the display is blank. Try this step by step ways in recovering your device.

Recovery Mode:

First of all, you have to check the status of your device’s battery. You might want to see if it is really bricked or just a dead battery. If the latter has been checked and it is not the battery then let us go to the next step. Hold the power and the home button until the device shuts off. Now, hold the power button only to turn it on again. You might see the phone is showing something on the screen, you just have to wait and do nothing.

Connect the iphone usb cable and make sure it is connected to your computer. Now, press and hold the power and the home button until the iPhone restarts. When you see the Apple logo remove the finger on the power button but continue pressing the home button. This time you are supposed to see the “connect to iTunes” sign. Open your iTunes on your computer or it will open automatically. Then viola! You can now restore your bricked device!

DFU Mode:

If you cannot restore using iTunes, or if you are getting any errors then these tips and tricks may help you. Initially, make sure that your device is attached to your computer. Just like entering the recovery mode, hold the home and power button simultaneously for about ten seconds. Let go of the power button but continue pressing the home button until a usb device is recognized. This time no display will be shown on the screen. Now, try restoring your device

To make it clear, jailbreaking is different from carrier unlock. Jailbreaking allows the user to utilize applications that are not approved by the Apple Company. However, unlocking allows the user to change to the carrier or phone service provider of their choice.

If these steps did not work or in any case you have tried everything to restore your device, you may want to consider asking for some assistance in your nearest Apple Store or an Apple-authorized repair shop. If it worked, then it does not matter if the personnel tried to play “tiger eye” on you for he knows you have tried to jailbreak it as long as it will be restored and you are good to go.


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