For Cat Lovers: Cat Sounds & What They Mean

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Since love is synonymous to a cat.
Since a cat, always comes first.
Know more what your cat wants to say.

Being A Cat Lover

Living with cats in my house since the past 6-7 years, I can proudly call myself, a cat lover.

For those users, who have cats or kittens in their house, I bet you know who is the boss. Remember the ancient times when cats were worshipped as Gods, they still haven't forgotten the treatment they received. However, we can learn from their behavior and sounds, what exactly the little bosses of our house want to tell us.

Meaning Of Meow, Mew & Purr

If you are wondering what is the difference between the three, then its simple to know what they want to communicate, by observing the sound they make.

The meaning of the sound meow is "GIVE THE CAT ATTENTION."
Mew on the other hand means " GIVE THE CAT FOOD."

Purr is one sound that is difficult to understand. However generally, it is a sound that denotes a cat's contentment.

Saying I Love You

If you find your cat staring at you or blinking occasionally, she just wants you to know that she loves you.
Hence a cat's staring/blinking is synonymous to I LOVE YOU.

Rubbing Against Your Feet

You got home from work and you are welcomed by your cat rubbing your feet? That sure is relaxing for cat lovers. Well.. For the cat, this is a way to say she is fond of you.

Fondness can also be shown, when a cat leaves her scent on you. That is just an another way to say, that its you who belongs to her.
After all your cat, always comes FIRST.

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author avatar Val Mills
29th Mar 2015 (#)

Enjoyed reading this. My ginger boy speaks a different language. When he wants food he rubs up against our legs or feet then drops to the floor, while casting his eyes in the direction of the fridge.

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author avatar Retired
1st Apr 2015 (#)

So is a stray cat or stranger cat you meet on the street who comes and rubs against your feet wanting your to adopt it?

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