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How people respond to their beliefs, not to the facts nor reality

The First

Way back in 2011 I encountered the biggest gob of mendacity, ever. It has stuck with me because it is pretty hard for me to get my head around it.

I was in an accident, I was brought to a place called Kingston Public Hospital which may be in Kingston and maybe be public but has less to do with a hospital than a tent in a field.

I was moved to another such venue, University Hospital, and a friend bought me clothing, brand new clothing. After two weeks in that butcher shop I was exported to Florida and went into a hospital, a real hospital.

I had not smoked a cigarette for two weeks when I was told by a visitor, a number of things which revolved around my smoking. In fact, he could 'smell cigarettes' on me.

The Raw Dishonest

Now let me underline, boldface, set off in quotes; I had not smoked for two weeks. I had been bathed more than once. Every single item of clothing I was wearing had been purchased while I was in the hospital.

Hence no one could smell cigarettes on me.

I will go further, no one has ever smelled cigarettes on me save if we were sitting and smoking together.

I never smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day, most often 6 or 8. Most people who know me do not know I smoke. They have never seen me smoke.

For this clown to do that face twist and ever so prissy come out with this 'smell cigarettes' proved he went far beyond dishonest. Proved he was a mindless drone, easily manipulated.

Mind Manipulation

People usually realise I smoke when they see cigarettes in my purse. Suddenly they smell cigarettes. Suddenly they have all sorts of rules and regulations about smoking.

People I have known for years. People I have spoken with, sat next to, even leaned in and whispered to, (or they whispered to me) who never ever 'smelled cigarettes' now smell cigarettes on me all the time.

And they tell everyone they know. So that any place I go there are now 'rules' about 'no smoking'.

I can recall living in a premises from July to October, and no one saying a single word about smelling cigarette. Then, when some mind controller saw an ashtray she instantly smelled cigarettes and so did everyone in that premises.

No one smelled cigarettes in July, August, September. Cigarettes were only perceived in October.

Hypocricy must be contagious.

No only does everyone now smell cigarettes they smell them all the time. I can be taking a shower and some pinbrain will knock the door and ask if I am smoking.

I can be scrubbing the floor and the gal down the hall will tell me she can smell my cigarettes.

This crap has annoyed me so much that I shared it with folks on the Internet.

Playing the Fools

I have a number of mischevious friends. These are folks who will go out of their way to prank. Hearing how people react to 'smokers' a chap who doesn't smoke decided to see if the presence of a cigarette box can provoke the twisty face and false cough.

He took a number of white pencils, put them into a cigarette box, put the box in his front top pocket. He would get into an elevator and the idiots around him would do that false cough and 'cigarettes affect' me thing. He'd take out the box and there would always be one loud mouth shouting "How dare you!" and he'd take out a pencil and the little pad he had in the box and write, "You are a Hypocrite" and hand the loud mouth the note.

Others would keep candy in the box, and enjoy taking out a piece. Some would leave the cigarette box on their desks, just to attract the jerks so he can ridicule them.

As a little 'psych test' you can freak out the freaks by making it seem you smoke, when you don't. So can it work the other way?


Now You Smell it; Now You Don't

I went and got an electronic cigarette. It's kind of fun.
Then I realised the value of it.

As soon as people start the 'smoking' crap I pull out the E-cig and puff on it saying I don't smoke any more.

I've pulled out my E-cig in people's homes, their cars, every where, from police stations to Court Houses.

Everyone now knows I don't smoke any more.
Now, no one smells cigarettes on me at all.

I decided to smoke real cigarettes. To sit in the same; 'cough cough cigarettes effect me' premises and light a smoke.

I sat and smoked the whole cigarette while the gals down the hall kept up their stupid giggle chat. None of them smelled the cigarette.

These are the same idiots who 'smelled smoke' when I was in the shower or scrubbing the floor. So you know what kind of bull they are made of.

I am sitting here, smoking a real cigarette, but because 'everyone' knows I don't smoke any more, no one smells it.

The Mind Dead

Most people do not have ownership of their brains. Some have mortgaged them to some organisation/political party/religion or philosophy.

For example, a chap who lives in upstate New York was writing about how cold it was during the 2013-2014 winter. He spoke of how Niagra Falls froze solid. Knowing he was one of those 'global warming' nut jobs I asked him, straight out, if he still believes in it. "Of course!" he types immediately.

Most people believe what they are told. They don't think, analyse, reflect, compare. They believe it.

Even when what they are told will conflict with what they know or remembered they are putty in the hands of someone with an agenda who can give them false memories which they swallow whole.

Most people do not live in the now. So busy thinking about what they are going to say, (if they are even listening) they don't hear what you are saying. They miss important clues, and the few people who are here now, who can hear between the words and read body language are considered psychic or brilliant.

So people who think I smoke cigarettes smell cigarettes on me, and those who think I don't smoke cigarettes don't smell them even though there's one burning now.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
10th Sep 2014 (#)

Interesting. As a non-smoker with a very sensitive nose, I have been able to tell when my friends who had quit smoking started up again. When my son goes to play at his friend's house (the friend's mom smokes quite a bit, but is trying to cut back), I make him shower when he comes home.
I would prefer it if my smoking friends hung out in my home, not smoking, than me join them in theirs. Like the people who own cats and are no longer affected by the smell, I think some smokers do not realize that they still smell.
However, it is their home, car, or whatever. Smokers are still good people, good parents, etc -- and that is something I try to always take into consideration. One of my friend's husbands is an ecig user. It has a smell because of the flavor he uses, but it is like someone with a heavy perfume. I don't like the smell, but I'm not going to say anything to him because the alternative is much worse.
But it sounds like, given your experiments, some anti-smokers are just being rude. I'm sorry. Everyone has an addiction to feed and skeletons in a hidden closet. Being sensitive of others would go a long way towards peace and stress-free living.

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author avatar kaylar
10th Sep 2014 (#)

One of the things with me is that (rem. I live in Jamaica) I bathe 3x a day. Sometimes 4. I live by the sea as well.

Secondly, I brush my teeth a lot. A Lot. And I wash my hands a lot.

Now I could have used deodarant instead of cigarettes to make my point.

When I used deodarant I couldn't lower my arms. I haven't used deodarant for decades.

No one knows that. I am a vegeatarian; I don't put off the usual odor.

A friend of mine; a person I had known and be in her house for decades...Decades, not years. I person I used to visit almost every single day. A person whose car I used to ride in. ...

One day she was complaining about a particular deodarant she had used. She then asked what I used.

Notice the sequence here.

I told her I didn't use deodarant.

After that...

She told me that I smelled.

Never once...

If I walked into your house you wouldn't smell cigarettes on me.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Sep 2014 (#)

I do not smoke now, but I use to. If I went out and smoked and came inside my wife knew it, and she knew it when I did not smoke either, I know that after I have quit I can tell if a person has gone outside to smoke or not, but I am sure that in some cases you are right too.

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author avatar kaylar
11th Sep 2014 (#)

A close relationship is one thing, cause you can smell earwax.

What stuns me is that in July these two rat gals from down the hall would do the false cough about smoking...
I was naked, coming from the shower, dripping, and one of the crap heads 'smelled cigarettes'....
When I wrote this article I was smoking a cigarette and the aholes were in the hallway...babbling away.
No one 'smelled cigarettes' because I don't smoke any more.

This is what shocked me. All I had to do was pull out that e-cig in front of one idiot and tell that idiot I don't smoke any more, and that is it.
I don't smoke any more.
So they can't smell cigarettes

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author avatar Retired
11th Sep 2014 (#)

I smoke. My wife doesn't. She complains - not about the smell or diseases - only that it wastes money. My parents smoked. My grandparents smoked. None of them died of lung cancer. I don't smoke in cars or on public transport or in confined spaces out of respect for others. At home, I don't smoke near my wife and the windows are open to stop the smell of smoking from lingering. I rarely smoke when I am in Singapore, although I have no explanation for that - maybe 'cos cigarettes are so expensive there. I did notice that unlike Indonesia, in Singapore many women smoke. Don't think for one moment I condone smoking; I do not. I tell my children they should not smoke because of the risks, but clearly I am not setting a good example.

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author avatar kaylar
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Mike, in the 60s cigarettes were standards. You would get them free on planes, at formal dinners, and every one smoked.

Then the anti-smoking thing started.

In Jamaica, up until the late 80s just about everyone smoked, then everyone stopped and became fanatics.

The fact that they have replaced cigarettes with junk food and drink and are hugely fat and dying of various diseases isn't noticed.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
6th Nov 2014 (#)

Why would they? They'll be dead before smokers finished their cancer-stick.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Nov 2014 (#)

People don't realise how dangerous obesity is.

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author avatar Retired
11th Sep 2014 (#)

I started smoking in 1966, when I was 16, Kaylar. I will probably die as the result of being hit by a Mac truck, not from lung cancer. My parents and grandparents didn't. Nonetheless, I do not condone smoking. If you don't need it, don't do it!

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author avatar kaylar
11th Sep 2014 (#)

My father smoked a lot and died at 85...
I began smoking at 14. I smoked about 6 cigarettes a day.
I have gone up to 8 sometimes.

What shocked me was when I was in the hospital and they took a Chest X-ray and it was clean.
They didn't know I smoked.

None of children smoke, in fact are rabid anti-smoke.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
6th Nov 2014 (#)

Lol. What a fun post and so true. Sorry non-smokers, even more sanctimonious farts POS. However your washing hands
'a lot' could spell trouble. I'm a Homeopath and I can smell trouble here :)

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author avatar kaylar
7th Nov 2014 (#)

You have to wash your hands a lot if you are in certain situations. Hopefully Ebola fear with stop this 'handshake' habit...

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