Four Important Hardware Components to Consider When Choosing the Best Gaming Laptops

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This article is about the four important hardware components to consider when choosing the best gaming laptops for gamers. It gives information on what are the things to consider in a gaming laptop to run hardcore 3D games. It also enumerates and explains the four important hardware components to consider in gaming laptops to ensure the smooth and powerful laptops for gamers.

Four Important Hardware Components to Consider When Choosing the Best Gaming Laptops

Avid computer gamers have the knowledge on the specifications of the computer that they need to run their 3D games properly. Perhaps those computer gamers who have the budget to build their powerful computers have already built it because it is one of their dreams. However, if you do not have the knowledge about computer specifications, hardware, and software applications you really need to know about the basic factors to consider before purchasing your gaming laptops.

The three components to consider on gaming laptops are the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), and Graphics Card.

Graphics Card

Since your gaming laptop is for hardcore gaming applications, you should always prioritize the consideration on the graphics card. Always choose a gaming laptop which has a dedicated graphics card it should be 256MB or higher video memory. Modern computer games like 3D gaming cannot be handled by an integrated graphics card. Always consider the graphics card of the gaming laptop because computer gaming applications usually require your computer to have a high computer graphics memory to play.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Second to consider after the graphics card memory is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Dual Core CPUs are the most used processor of laptops today. Dual core is also capable of playing your computer games in your gaming laptop. However, it is better to purchase a gaming laptop with a higher CPU speed possible only if you have the budget. A higher speed process means a higher capability of the computer to play different gaming applications smoothly.

Random Access Memory (RAM)Random Access Memory (RAM)

The third to consider is the Random Access Memory (RAM). To safely play gaming applications with 3D environment, you should choose a gaming laptop which has at least 1GB of RAM. This will also avoid the computer to have memory bottlenecking. However, it is better to choose a 2GB RAM to enjoy the gaming experience with your gaming laptop.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The fourth and last to consider in a gaming laptop is the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). To support those three important computer components, you should also consider some components that could give a great support for your gaming laptop. You should consider the revolution speed of the hard disk drive of the computer. This is because the faster the rotation speed of the hard disk drive, the faster the speed of reading and writing data into it. Always choose a gaming laptop which has a 7200 Revolution per Minute (RpM) hard disk drives.

In gaming community, gaming laptops are becoming popular as advancement of mobile technologies arises. This is because laptops can have the gaming speed and capability like the desktop computers. Laptops are portable computers, this means you can play your favorite 3D games anywhere you go using your gaming laptop.
Always consider those four important components to consider to make sure that you will be satisfied playing your favorite 3D games.


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