Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Engraving Lamacoids and Their Advantages

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It is highly possible to use a huge cross-section of materials of different kinds to get your engraving to work.

Engraving Lamacoids and Their Advantages

It is highly possible to use a huge cross-section of materials of different kinds to get your engraving to work. Did you know you can use materials that are made up of different layers to carry out the engraving work? These materials are known as lamacoids or laminates and they are used on plastics.

What is the advantage of using lamacoids over stainless steel or anodized aluminum?

• Lamacoids are cheap compared to the custom cut alternatives.
• They are available in many different colors and textures.
• They are more visible than other types of materials.

FAQ About lamacoids

1. What is the available thickness size of lamacoids? – Generally, they come in 1/8th inch or 3 mm or 1/16th inch or 1mm. This is because anything thicker that requires the use of plastic can be bound to acrylic to give a firm result while anything thinner than this can use an alternative material like the polycarbonate. Each of these materials has an optimal use depending on the application that will dictate the best way forward.

2. What’s the difference between a lamacoid name badge and one made from wood veneer? Name badges are highly preferred by most people but they are not durable. Therefore, it will serve you for a short period of time. If you are considering longevity and class, you should go for a wood veneer that looks way better than the name badges and lasts longer too.

3. Are lamacoids good for outdoor use? Yes, they are great for outdoor use because they are highly visible and colorful, therefore drawing more attention to them. However, compared to metal or anodized aluminum, it would be better to use them than the lamacoids because of durability, especially if it will be exposed to the elements.

4. How do you engrave lamacoids? Companies like the PBS lamacoids have industrial equipment specifically for engraving the lamacoids. They either use a beam of high energy photons (laser) or a spinning bit. The advantage of using the laser on lamacoids is that custom engraving on lamacoids requires a lot more details to be included on a beam of energy than a spinning bit. The results of the laser on the lamacoids are also way better.

5. Are all lamacoids the same? Yes, though they may come in different sizes, they are all made from the same materials and they have the same quality. Remember they may come in different colors and even make changes with every production. They are affected by the weather in the same way, meaning they are all the same.

6. Are lamacoids toxic? We live in a plastic world where just about everything has some plastics in it. Lamacoids is in the same class as the commonly used plastics which do not cause death or toxicity. If you have doubts about its quality, you can choose to use wood or metal.

7. Can you replace your old lamacoids with new ones? Yes, it is possible to replace old lamacoids with new ones by simply ordering for new ones that carry the same message as your old ones or even updating them to something better to give your business a new attractive look.


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