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Would you exchange your iPhone for an Android device, or you go the opposite direction? Here you need to think about:

Switching From Android To iPhone

Would you exchange your iPhone for an Android device, or you go the opposite direction? Here you need to think about:

Adjusting to iTunes
Any iOS device, whether an iPad or iPhone, iTunes must be connected and registered to operate. iTunes is not always popular, especially by his fluctuating performance on the Windows platform. There is also a limit to the number of computers with iTunes that you can attach to your iPhone. Since Apple iOS 5, you can wirelessly sync your iPhone, something that Android is still not possible.

Data Copying
The open structure of the Android platform and support for micro SD memory is a piece of cake to your photos and other media from your phone and placing them on your hard disk, which you then use iTunes can import. Easy, but time consuming.

Use Google Sync
Android users have almost all their contact information in a Google Account stabbed, and novice users also need some account. You move to the iPhone, the search engine provides a tool to happy to export all your contacts. You can use them directly in iTunes sync from the Info menu of your iPhone.

You have to get Gmail on your iPhone add Exchange account, and then specify what you want to synchronize mail, contacts and calendar are possible. Apple Mail is not Gmail, so your labels and your stars you become lost. There is also a Gmail app for the iPhone, but that is far from perfect.

Data from the iPhone to Android transfer, can also Google Sync , already used to do so prefer the app Bump , which is available on both platforms.

Jailbreaking or not?
Android users are accustomed to a relatively large degree of freedom and 'rooten "their smartphones so fanatical. Also with iPhones, there is the possibility to unlock the file, something called jailbreaking.

However, you can lose your warranty, you make your device less safe as possible and also in the legal field is jailbreak in a twilight zone. Another problem is that Apple with every firmware update jail breakers cut off the pass, giving you different programs need to jailbreak. Try at your own risk.

Buy apps
in the Android Market is the largest part of the free apps, but on the iPhone you're more likely to purchase should proceed. The iTunes App Store is certainly a lot better organized and bigger, but keep in mind that the counter can rise quickly. And you can not count on taking apps.

Your iTunes music on an Android device can listen well, at least if you have purchased iTunes Music Plus. Many of the apps that you default on the iPhone is, you will first need to download from the Android Market. Media playback, synchronization and many other things will need an external program.

Also synchronize your media and apps will not happen automatically: you will need to drag files from the desktop to the folder on your Android phone. We certainly recommend that you order the Double Twist to try out, which makes it possible to wirelessly synchronize your media.


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