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GHD's are the best straightners out there.... Here is what happened when My 2 1/2 year old pair stopped working - HAPPY ending!!!

GHD Heaven!!!

I absolutely LOVE my GHD's!!! I had to get some soon as hairdressers used them on my hair a long while back!!!
As soon as I could afford to get some, with an exchange of my old Argos pair, I finally had my GHD's!!! And with them I can straighten my hair and have my hair cared for properly. My hair has responded so well; it has started to grow more now than before and is now fuller during summer.

GHD HELL!!!! :-(

So I was using my GHD's whilst chatting to my sister online when I had noticed they were cooling down. Thinking that they had the overheating cut off switch activated, I unplugged them and let them cool. After 10mins I plugged them back in and found that they didn't turn on... :-S
Puzzled and upset having half a FUZZ going on, I got my old straightners out n tried to finish my hair off.

I then went to the shops and bought some fuses, thinking it could be that which had blown, but... They STILL didn't want to work!!
Looked on the GHD website to see how much to get them fixed and it was going to cos me so much to send them, so much to get them fixed depending on what was needed when the warranty had expired... Which mine had by 6months... :-(

Hairdressers To The Rescue!!!

So I had a hair appointment few days after, pretty convenient really, and I went in with a great big FRIZZ on my head! My hairdresser was a little taken back by my new do!! LOL!
I had may hair washed and blow dry and I asked if she knew anywhere that fixed GHD's. She mentioned that they send them off to the company and they fix them... I asked how much it would be to send them and they said that it would be paid for... they wasn’t sure if I had to pay for the fixing of them though with them being over 2years old but I didn't care!!! Having them send them for me was great!!! And so much easier to sort out through them than me trying to figure out how to send them and costs!!
So after my hair cut I ran round the corner, picked up my poorly GHD's and handed them in.
They didn't believe they was over 2years old! I had kept them in such good nick that they looked brand new! Apparently!! LOL.
Now just wait for the CALL!!!!

10am, 11 Days Later

I thought I would catch an hour kip before heading back out to work when I was disturbed by my hairdressers calling me!!!
"Hello, Its the Hairdressers here, called to say your GHD's are back."
"Oh wow!!! Great, will be right round to pick them up!"
"Thing is, they aren't YOUR GHD's. They sent you a NEW pair."
"REALLY?? Oh fantastic!!! And, how much are they charging me?"
"Haven't got any bills for you for them. They are free of charge!!"
"EXELLENT!!! I will be right over!!! Thanks for getting them sorted for me!!!"
"No problem, see you soon! Bye."

I ran straight round and picked up my Brand NEW GHD's!!!

A Helpful Tip For You GHD Owners

Ask your local hairdressers if they deal with sending GHD's off to be fixed... Or of anyone else who might deal with them on the customer’s behalf.

You NEVER know!! You might get lucky if yours Breakdown!!!


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author avatar SuzAlicie
25th Jul 2010 (#)

Ten pages! You're doing great. I have never tried GHD's but I do know how it feels when a favorite styling tool goes on the fritz!

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author avatar TheJadedWords
28th Jul 2010 (#)

Wow, that's lucky! I'm sending off my broken ones today, grr :(

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author avatar RitaH
28th Jul 2010 (#)

I highly recommend people to get them sent off!!! LOL

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author avatar Links of london
18th Nov 2010 (#)

Im not going to say what everyone else has already said, but I do want to comment on your knowledge of the topic. Youre truly well-informed. I cant believe how much of this I just wasnt aware of. Thank you for bringing more information to this topic for me. Im truly grateful and really impressed.

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