Game Reviews: Splinter Cell

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A review of the original Splinter Cell game on the Xbox.

Game Reviews: Splinter Cell

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell was the first game of the Splinter Cell game series on the Xbox. As such, it laid the foundations for a game series that has gained many fans on the Xbox and PlayStation game consoles. A stealth action game starring Third Echelon agent Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell raised the bar for stealth combat games.

Sam Fisher is a Third Echelon agent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of their two agents in Georgia. It transpires that the agents passed away, and that Georgian President Nicoladze has invaded Azerbaijan, which results in NATO military action. For the remainder of the game Third Echelon and Fisher pursue Nicoladze and his Chinese contacts. Overall, the game has an interesting plot with some twists.

Overall, the game may seem more like a third person shoot-em game, however it is a good deal more than that. In fact, Fischer only has a pistol and an assault rifle as primary weapons in missions. In some missions, Fischer may not even use guns. As such, there is plenty of other projectiles for Fischer such as CS gas, and ring airfoil projectiles giving some variety.

As such, the game play requires a good deal more than guns; and with thermal and night goggles Fischer always has the advantage in the dark. You can use either thermal and night goggles which make guards visible in the darkest of rooms. In addition, Fisher can switch off lights, or shoot out the bulbs in better lit rooms to give more cover.

Fisher can also pick up data-sticks during missions which can provide some further background and clues on missions. However, for the most part the data sticks info is actually pretty useless and can be largely ignored.

The later missions can become tricky in some spots. As such, progress through later missions and save points can become slow and require a number of attempts. Such spots in missions can make the game more tedious.

Graphically the game has some of the best lighting effects on the Xbox game console. Although a relatively old game, Splinter Cell does not seem especially outdated with some excellent effects. Cut-scenes between missions also feature realistic news bulletins. The bulletins are a good way to update the plot as Fischer progresses through the missions.

The game's audio features clear speech between Fisher and Third Echelon during missions. It does not feature a regular background soundtrack, but instead variable mission music comes and goes at specific points during the missions which adds impact and effect. Usually, near to the end of missions as they reach their climax, or more subtle background music can remain. Such audio enhances the game atmosphere.

Overall, Splinter Cell has an interesting plot, exciting and varied game play, albeit with some tediously tricky spots in later missions. Graphically the game has excellent lighting effects. The sound and audio are also good with clear speech and suitable music which comes and goes during missions to add effect. As such, it was one of the best game titles released for former Xbox game console.


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