Games to Play With a Standard Deck of Cards

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There are a variety of games that you can play with a standard pack of cards. Card games can include a variety of players from one up to a possible eight. Here are three games to play with a standard deck of cards.

Texas Hold Em Poker

Texas Hold Em Poker has become one of the biggest casino games. While poker has many variations, Texas Hold Em is undoubtedly the best poker variant today that has a number of notable championships. There are also a number of online poker lounges that include Texas Hold Em.

However, you can also play poker at many casinos. Alternatively, play your own poker games with a standard deck. All that’s required are some chips to lay down a table limit with.

In Texas Hold Em each player is dealt two cards. There are various hands such as pairs, triples, straits and the flush each of which have higher hand rankings. Five cards are dealt during a round on the flop, turn and the river; and the player with the highest ranked hand at the end of the round wins the pot. Alternatively, if all the other players fold before the round ends the last remaining player wins the hand.


Hearts is another great game players can play with a single deck. Unlike Texas Hold em, this is not a casino game. You will also need to have exactly four players for a Hearts game.

In the game of Hearts each player has 13 cards. A point total ranging from 50 – 100 is set, and when a player reaches this total the game ends. The player with the lowest total wins.

Four cards are played from each hand, and usually have to be within the same starting suite played by the first player, unless you do not have any cards from the suite. If you do not have a card within the starting suite, then you can play something from other suites. The player with the highest ranked card of the starting suite then plays the next starting suite card.

A player gains points when he picks up either a Queen of Spades, which amounts to 13 points, or one of the hearts each of which are one extra point each. However, if a player picks up all the points during a round they shoot the moon. That adds 26 points to all the other players’ scores.

After each round note down the player scores. The game ends when somebody reaches the point total, and players can add up all their final point totals with a calculator if required.


Solitaire is a single player game worth noting. You'll need a full pack of cards with 28 being dealt into several columns, face down, with the first having one card, the second two and so on. Only the top cards in the columns remain face up.

From these columns, stack four full suites of cards on top of each other from the ace down to the two on four separate home stacks. Move and arrange cards from the seven columns by placing one lower valued card from any suite on top of another so that others lower in the stack can be turned over, or by selecting a card from the remaining deck. Turn only three cards over from the deck, and if you cannot stack any of them return them to the bottom of the deck.

Standard scoring for Solitaire requires that you add five points from moving a card from the deck to a column. Add 10 points for each card added to the home stack.

These are three great games you can play with a standard deck. All players need is standard deck, along with a pencil and paper to keep the scores. As a casino game Texas Poker will also require a currency.


Hearts, Solitaire, Texas Hold Em

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