Garden Lawn and Your Flower Garden: Tips for Growing

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Every house deserves a little garden that shows off beautiful flowers around an immaculate lawn. Here we see which flowers will be best and how to maintain a lawn in your home garden. Gardening is painstaking work but if done properly, it will give handsome results.

Creating harmony with flowers

Proper care for garden will result in wonderful arrangement with great aesthetic appeal. Effort and endless patients goes into garden work and those who persevere will proudly display their roses and hydrangeas bordering their lawn. How do we choose flowers for a garden? Mostly we do this by color and ease with which they grow.

Best flowers for your vase

a) Geraniums: People call them cranesbills. Geraniums are ideally suited for temperate regions. They have five petals and you get them in purple, white, blue and pink colors. They grow well in all kinds of soils but you should take care not to let the flower beds get water logged.
b) Jasmine: Members of olive family, jasmine grows well in tropic and temperate regions. There are over 200 species of this flower. You can use them as houseplant and cut flower. It is white in color.
c) Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas are flowers delicate yet pretty. To prepare your vase, take flowers with long stem and remove all leaves. You can make holes in its stems so that flowers absorb water easily. You can make these flowers last for 7 – 8 days and you only need to change water once or twice.
d) Gerbera Daisies: These lovely spring flowers infuse liveliness in the air and bring that spirit of spring into your living room. You need to watch cut tips of stems and trim them again when they become limp or discolored.
e) Carnations: Carnations last two weeks in your vase. However, you should take care to trim bottom of each flower once in every 2 or 3 days. Do all cutting underwater since this will help stem to breathe better.
f) Roses: These are favorite flowers for most gardeners. These flowers last 20 days or more once you cut them. Preparing their stems however could be troublesome since stems will be short. Choose only buds that are ready to bloom.

Easy to grow flowers for your garden

a) Peony: Peonies last for long time. People like them for their sweet fragrance and brilliant color.
b) Coneflowers: These flowers are drought resistant and come in variety of colors. You can choose purple, white or pink coneflowers to brighten up your garden.
c) Sunflower: Sunflower grows well where there is lots of sun. It needs fertile soil with good drainage.
d) Sweet peas: Native to Italy and Sicily, this annual climbing plant produces purple flowers. You can obtain cultivars exhibiting double colors or shades of blue, white and pink.
e) Tulips: You can find over 70 varieties of flowers belonging to tulip family. You can use them as potted plants or as cut flowers. These perennials blossom in spring grow from bulbs.

Keeping grass on your lawn alone

When grass gets into your flowerbeds, it can cause havoc. It depletes soil of its fertility very fast and gives an unpleasant appearance to flowering plants. To keep grass from the lawn away, gardeners use borders. Use it all around your lawn so that grass is unable to spread. Border will not allow grass root to grow (make sure it is wide enough) and grass certainly cannot grow over it.

Fertilizing your lawn

If you have small or medium sized lawn, you can fertilize it manually. This will help you spread fertilizer uniformly. If lawn size is huge, you will require spreader. Main three components of fertilizers are:
1) Nitrogen
2) Phosphorus
3) Potassium
When you buy your fertilizer, you will see markings on bag. Marking will be something like 40 – 40 – 20. This indicates amount of each of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Nitrogen fixes soil and helps it retain its fertility. Phosphorus is useful for plant growth and third Potassium will help to keep out pests and insects.

Further, there are slow absorption fertilizers and fast absorption types. Plants absorb fast absorption types of fertilizer quickly. It is useful when you have plants nearing their flowering or fruiting stages. However, for lawns, it is better to use slow absorption fertilizer.

Use of bedding plants

Bedding is process of temporarily raising flowering plants. Gardeners discard these plants after they have flowered. Growing period of these bedding plants will be very short say 10 days to 14 days. Then they begin to flower. Flowering period depends on the variety you choose.

a) Gardeners plant tulips and wallflowers in conjunction to create lovely colorful display. You use these flowers in spring.
b) For summer bedding, begonias are ideal. They provide lot of color to your garden.
c) You have to choose your winter bedding plants with care. Primroses and pansies make good winter bedding plants. They will last until beginning of spring season.

Revel in the beautiful sights in your wonderful garden

Regular trimming and watering will keep your garden looking sprightly all year round. Bulbs are easy to grow and maintain. Choosing hardy perennials however, will keep color in your garden bright and cheery. Weeding is very necessary since a garden not maintained well will present an unsightly appearance. Gardens with lots of lovely flowers will make your house seem more attractive.

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28th Jun 2014 (#)

I love to garden and this is wonderful information...Thanks...Now what do I do to perk up my tomatoes?

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28th Jun 2014 (#)

You could try combination crops like asparagus, mint, or dandelions along with your tomato crop. These crops help each other.

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28th Jun 2014 (#)

We are trying to add more trees to our yard, but we do have some nice flowers too, it really makes things pretty for the summer.

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author avatar snerfu
28th Jun 2014 (#)

It is important to maintain the shade aspect. Some flowers will grow well in shade while others revel in sunshine.

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