Gardening: An experience beyond Imagination

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A very simple task of gardening may not be as simple as it appears and kind of experiences which you can gain from this simple task can be magnanimous.


Gardening is one of hobbies common among the people of all ages. Everyone wants to do the best within the constraints they face. This was the aspect which actually made me interested to explore the field of gardening. Like my previous article in which I had tried to share my experience with you on health, in this I am going to share my experience related to gardening.

Factors Affecting Gardening

Correct me if I am wrong, many of us might think (or, perceive) that the gardening is affected by ones interest. But, my exploration in areas around gardening, made me realize that this sector has many more factors than just personal interest, as given in the Figure. It may be hard to believe on some of the facts but then it is true.


Government role may become significant in many cases, if the gardening is done for exotic or rare plants. In certain cases, government may promote you to plant more plants of particular type by providing certain incentives, which is found mainly in their policies. I realized myself about this fact when I read and wrote on one such policy, which is currently active in India. Incentives can be beneficial for people with some specific type of resource constraint, say financial resources.


Science relation may/may not be clearly visible, but the fact is that it really plays some significant role through research and technology development. Some of the newer researches have shown different strategies which one can adopt to make your gardens better. Strategy can be a simple garden design, plant food or any other parameters which we may ignore. The contribution of science in the form of technology may seem to be lot more obvious to the people. People might be knowing of the many common technologies like drip irrigation, bonsai, etc, but through my writings I tried to share those technologies which are not commonly known to the people like Hydroponics, upside down plant growing technique and LEP.


The area of market I have not explored and cannot comment much on this. In a crude way I can say that market is the place which provides the current trends in the gardening and the price which one has to pay to follow that trend. In case of the personal interest/oneself, I do not think I need to explore much as it is specific to person to person and experiential learning which it provides is something to cherish for lifelong. However, it is important for every gardener to keep track of the various other factors which are beyond their control and can make significant impact on their experiential learning.

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author avatar Denise O
12th Feb 2012 (#)

You give us a lot to ponder when planting our gardens. Our government (USA) has yet to crack down on us small garden folks but, as with everything...
It is only a matter of time. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
14th Feb 2012 (#)

Lovely gardening
I touch the earth
Like no other..
Thanks for making it -
Wonderful creativity-
Green to greener
Who cares if I'm a

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