Gas hydrates

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There is a huge need of a fuel which can substitute petrol in the coming years.Also the newer source should be eco-friendly as environment is our new concern.So the research works are going on different parts of the world to find alternative of petrol.One of the alternative suggested are GAS HYDRATES.

What are gas hydrates?

1) Gas hydrates are chemically known as Methane Clathrate.
2) Gas hydrates consists of a water lattice in which lighter hydrocarbons like methane are present in the void.
3) Beneath the ocean they are found where water depths exceed 300 to 500 meters, and can occur within a layer of sediment as much as 1000 meters thick beneath the sea floor.

Gas reserves in India and the world

1) The estimated gas hydrate reserves across the globe are about twice the known oil and gas reserves.
2) One of the richest marine gas hydrates accumulation ever discovered has been delineated and sampled in the Krishna-Godavari basin.
3) One of the thickest and deepest gas hydrate occurrences yet known has been discovered off the shores of Andaman Islands

Where are gas hydrates located?

It is present in oceanic sediments along continental margins and in polar continental settings.
(Image Source:Presentation on Gas Hydrates by K. Muralidhar
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur 208016 India)

Potential of the source

1) Natural gas(i.e:-Methane or hydrocarbon) is extracted from water lattice. Thus natural gas is seperated from water molecule.
2) The average hydrate composition is 1 mole of methane for every 5.75 moles of water.
3) The observed density is around 0.9 g/cm3.
4) One liter of methane clathrate solid would contain 168 liters of methane gas (at STP).
5) We get large amount of natural gas from gas hydrates.

How is it economical?

1) Large reserves
2) Existing technology for natural gas

Gas Hydrates are cheaper then Solar,Wind and Hydel energy.

Green source

1) Methane continuously leaks from the ocean bed due to excess of gas hydrates.
2) This gas hydrates used converts methane or hydrocarbon into carbon dioxide.
3) Methane is about 20 times more effective as a greenhouse gas then carbon dioxide and gas hydrates may contain three orders of magnitude more methane than exists in the present-day atmosphere.
4) Thus if we don’t use this source , it will be more harmful than when it is used.


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