Gautam Buddha - The King of Kings

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The teachings of Gautam Buddha has inspired hundreds of people throughout centuries, but the reasons why his life inspires me are not religious. I find more in him than just his preachings.

Siddharta to Gautam Buddha

I first read about Gautam Buddha when I was in school. He was prince Siddharta, born and brought up in all the luxuries his father, a king, could provide. He could have lived his life surrounded by these, but his heart was so moved by the inevitable miseries of human kind that he could not close his eyes anymore. He left everything behind to search for a path - the path that will rid humans of their trouble. It took him 7 years of extreme struggle to finally realize the truth.

My Inspiration

I am inspired by the amount of bravery that he possessed. It is not an easy decision to leave the luxuries of life and start living in a forest all by yourself. He could have very easily moved on with his kingsly lifestyle, but he took things into his own hand. He wanted to search for the truth himself and he didn’t believe in anything until he proved it to himself.

His determination to achieve what he wanted moves me. He kept struggling for seven years. He left his life of extreme comfort and started living on principles which were extremely tough to follow; and he did this for years. Seven years of constant striving, day in and day out, before he actually achieved what he wanted. How often do we loose heart when we don’t get something that we want?

And finally, the fact that keeps inspiring me is the reason why he struggled. He did not struggle because he was unhappy, he struggled for the general welfare of humans. I believe there are many social workers in even today's world who are working ceaselessly for the benefit of others and the entire human race must be grateful to them. But only rarely someone does a work so great that he becomes an inspiration for centuries to come.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Sep 2013 (#)

yes Siddharta a most inspirational being...many of his teachings are most profound...thank you...

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author avatar Trillionaire
16th Sep 2013 (#)

Thanks for the nice article.

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author avatar tz
18th Sep 2013 (#)

i respect Gautam Buddha but i never read about him and his teachings i think i should do this now.

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author avatar Pollyal
18th Sep 2013 (#)

@Carolina - You said it right.. He has said the most profound things and in the most simple way..easy for us to grasp, yet so difficult to follow...Thanks for commenting dear :)

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author avatar Pollyal
18th Sep 2013 (#)

@Trillionaire - Thanks so much for your comment :)

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author avatar Pollyal
18th Sep 2013 (#)

@Tz - I am sure you will surely be inspired by his teachings :) ..thanks for commenting :)

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author avatar n.c.radomes
24th Sep 2013 (#)

Mankind should go attend a seminar centered on 'Gautam Buddha'.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Pollyal. Buddha means "the enlightened one". His teachings will always be relevant and if only we follow them we will reach the "era of enlightenment" in no time - siva

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