Gender Crossing Shoes

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There shoes that cross gender lines. Keds Champion and Reebok Princess shoes popular with guys.

Shoes That Cross Gender Lines

There are certain shoes that men wear and women wear. There are four styles of shoes that men are now wearing. It is a small amount, but it is growing. The first shoe is the Keds Champion sneaker. This shoe was created in 1916. The shoe was popular in the 80s with both men and women. It was more popular with women and young girls in the late 80s and 90s. It has made a comeback in the mid 2000s. The men's version had been discontinued for a number of years. There were men wearing the women's version for quite a while. Thanks to a signed petition, Keds came out with a men's version. There is not much difference. The shoe has five shoestring eyelets instead of four like the women's. The sole has a tennis racket pattern. The price is 55 bucks. The women's cost is around 30. Some men like the new shoe but seem to stick with the women's.
The other shoe is the Princess and Freestyle. This is a 100 percent women's shoe. This shoe was very popular with high school girls and women. This shoe started becoming popular with men in the 2000,s. Men did have a version of this shoe in the 80s called the Reebok Exo fit. This shoe looked just like the women's reebok except the sole was thicker. The Reebok Freestyle was being worn by male celebrities. The Freestyle does not come in wide width. The Princess style comes in wide.
The other shoe that some men are wearing is the Mary Jane. Mary Jane's were a shoe that was worn by both genders in the early 1900's. It is still worn by boys in England. There are less feminine Mary Jane's. There are sneaker styles of this shoe. If a guy wears this shoe, he should wear black socks if the shoe if black. White if the shoe is white. This is a shoe is its own character. The last shoe are women's flats. Some guys wear these shoes. Ballet flats were worn by men ion the 16th century. Men and women wore these. The men's version were called Pompes. These are shoes that men don't wear too much in public. There is a sneaker flat at the Payless stores that men can wear. It is called Women's Champion Clover Skimmer. It is in black and white colors. Women like the Converse Chuck Taylors and Converse All Stars. That shoe is really popular with the women and young girls. The question should be, "What really makes a women's shoe and women's shoe? Same question for the man. A lot of people these days do not care what shoe you are wearing.


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