Genuine spirituality is as close as we get to Heaven, here on this Earth

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I read a couple of lines in a book a couple of days ago, similar to these two sentences: "Surface religion is for those who emptily want to avoid hell out of blind fear, not even knowing what it is. Deep spirituality is for those who have been through hell and do not want to go back to hell." I understand both viewpoints and I want to explain my position fully in this article.

From the depths of my soul to the shallow and hopefully deep parts of your mind:

Consciousness is the key and not taking things for granted is the door. When you enter the room of attentiveness, you have to genuinely pay for it deeply. You see things you do want to see and do not want to see. But in the end you benefit deeply thorough the understanding you do get.

Everyone is trying to get to heaven before the door is closed and the chance is gone. Well, some have an idea why and some do not have an idea why. Some have been through hell, understand what they have went through and do not want to go back. Some fear hell blindly not even knowing the nature of hell or heaven. They just know the fact that they want to experience pleasure instead of pain, even if the pleasure is temporary, and they have to pay pain for that pleasure they get in between the pain they have to pay.

Well, genuine spirituality is closer to, I understand: having been through hell, understand what they have went through and do not want to go back not just knowing the fact that they want to experience pleasure instead of pain, even if the pleasure is temporary. I mean, the ultimate weakness is blind fear without any understanding or insight. I would rather run through the fire and understand than blindly fear the fire without understanding of what I am dealing with. To have understanding is better than not to have it, even if there is a little pain involved with it. Because you cannot have the good without the bad at the very basic levels of understanding.

Think about this fact before I end this section: Realistic understanding of what it is, always is better than blind fear of "what could be".

Eve and Adam did not make a mistake and God did not either, all is forgiven

When "the first couple on Earth" got bored enough and disobeyed God, there was no mistake, it was time to grow up. Let us face it: The story of Man and Woman in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (Bible) may be painful to watch, but it is to show the nature of all genuine growth really. Because, sometimes we need to go through purposeful hell to get to real heaven. However creation or evolution really happened, either way, there was growth involved, and there is nothing to blame about, growth had to happen. It is that simple. Without growth, life is just one big "pedagogical infinity" without mastery. With growth, life is reality with a chance for mastery genuinely. All pain is forgiven and worth when we grow up enough to realize that mastery is the standard, not just standing still and perfect. The ultimate imperfection is growth anyway.

When I think about that story about the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, that is what comes to mind: "Life without growth is stagnant, goes nowhere and the learning process is stymied or lengthened unnecessarily." To fear without knowing why and avoiding hell because "it looks bad" is the ultimate weakness in my reality. Genuine understanding is the only universal strength there is when it comes to the reality of that, understanding is the only genuine atonement and forgiveness there is. Fear and guilt trips mean nothing except irrational payments that do not understand reality, but just fear and loathe it without any reason. In two words that is genuine prejudice without getting understanding first. Adam, Eve, all is forgiven, the real covenant is genuine understanding anyway that is earned, not given. Amen. Genuine understanding with action behind it is the only way we can help ourselves anyway. God knew it, that is why God put those trees in the middle of the garden as a curiosity to help that growth, and allegory or not, that is life in a nutshell.

This man's world

When I think about reality: The real baptism is to understand, not fear and play the prejudice before experience game.

After all, let's get even more basic, we cannot get wet without getting in the water, even John the Baptist implied that.

I get the line that heads this section "this man's world" from Brook Benton's song ending of "Rainy Night In Georgia". Think about it, there is more to being alive than fear. There is always rational experience, but you have to understand the irrational to fully appreciate it for the desirable experience the rational, workable and sane is. That is the crux of what I am getting at, and the reality I am putting forth.


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author avatar Iyona Haynes
9th Aug 2017 (#)

I Love this piece because it makes you ponder in deep thought. I love you view on this also. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
9th Aug 2017 (#)

Earth bound Spirits are not ascension but descension of life being.
The truth of the Bible is the fact that Adam was a solitary person but a bit lonely until he was given a companion. Only issue is that not telling the truth from the heavens led to temptation that ultimately killed goodness bringing in 7 deadly sins and death to lifeform. It is why the root cause of all evil is a female, if they are taught decency, morality and chastity, they could bring heaven here on Earth but in today's modern lifestyle they are whores and men respond to them just like she did to the serpent and ultimately convincing the bloody idiot Adam to bite the forbidden fruit.
Well we are all here now. How did we come, is it incest between kids and parents etc??? There were just two people made remember??? No evidence of any more.
A man is basically an idiot whose brains need a woman to count on to make it better.
But when a woman is a whore, it makes him a whore as well as the children that follow. This is why we are all with the ever lasting tendency of temptation with no redemption of cleansing unless you learn self-control and respect of ones own self.

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
9th Aug 2017 (#)

Amen to both your views on what I said. It is what it is. Take it how you need to, I said what I said.

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