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a great majority of people knows caring for others views but a very few know caring for view of the self. It appears we all for most of our lifetimes, remain busy in fashion parades for pleasing others.

The Way We are

A great majority of persons know earning money but only a few know spending it, a great majority of persons know remaining awake but a very few know sleeping, a great majority knows being active but a very few know relaxing, a great majority knows speaking but only a few know listening. Similarly, a great majority of people knows caring for others views but a very few know caring for view of the self. It appears we all for most of our lifetimes, remain busy in fashion parades for pleasing others.
Why these unbelievable yet true paradoxes? Because, it is more conventional to earn, to remaining awake, to be active, to speak, and to be caring for others' views than to spend, to sleep, to relax, to listen and to care for the self. The former things, we learn easily by observing others but the latter things need scientific studies and logical thinking. Another great reason of these outputting traits is that all our sensory organs are oriented outwards to grasp information from outside rather than from inside.
For this reason, I had been trying in my own ways to think on non-conventional trait of being myself, and here is what I came to conclude for others if any of them want to adopt the idea. Further, I have found a law behind this way.

Unidirectional Perceptions

All our perceptions can be unidirectional only at a time, so to get to oneself, one has to detach him/herself from all others. Since, our perceptions are directed from outside to inside, it is difficult and unconventional to perceive the self and get connected to it while it is very easy to get connected to others. If somebody wishes to link to him/herself, he/she will have to delink from others.
In our routine life and ways, each one of us cares for things of outside, such as views of others about the self, external appearance and make-up using dresses, ornaments, etc., caring for external tantrums and displays such as religious fervor, leaning, oratory skills, and following preaching from others. For getting linked to the self, we need to fight with all such external influences to get rid of them.
For looking at the external self, you need a mirror, and for inner self, you need to close your eyes. Since, inside of a person lies an ocean of thoughts, when eyes are closed the inner thoughts get visual forms.

Law of Absorption

An observation from Nature tells us that a strong force moves towards a weak force and overpowers that. In essence, the weak force gets absorbed into the strong force and thus becomes ineffective. I call it 'law of absorption' because in this process, the weak force is not eliminated but simply absorbed by the strong force and reappears as and when the strong force gets weakened for some reason.
The same principle is proved by survival of the fittest also. This very principle applies to external influences on the person versus his/her internal dominance. Whichever is stronger, that absorbs and eliminates the other. For getting connected to the self, the person is required to make his/her self stronger than the external world, as far as influences on him/her are concerned.
The simplest way to do that is to go by one's own conviction rather than bothering for others' views and opinions. This is easier said than done and is indeed a tough task. The person needs to have courage to fight the whole world external to him/herself single-handed. Persons determined and ruthless like Chanakya are able to do it whole-heartily without bothering for anybody else's views on them. But all others can also do so to different degrees.

Other Enemies of the Self

Other well-known enemies of the self are those who preach to have faith and go by that. All religious preachers, godly persons, etc. fall in this category who work day in and day out to preach people not to be proud of themselves but be submissive to them for fear of imaginary divine forces. As support structures for themselves, they have developed tantrums like astrology, palmistry, zodiac signs, concepts of past and future births, etc.
All such designs are to rob the persons of their selves in order to dominate on them psychologically. A huge ocean of human intellect is involved in such tantrums or is paralyzed by these. The discipline of the self has to be above all in such things is important, neither against nor favorable to them but just remaining untouched by such concepts.

The Best Support

The best and well trusted support for being the self is the own ailment-free body and brain. This is achieved on its own by conscious approach towards keeping the body disease-free by the person through depending on simple ethnic and naturally grown seasonal foods, containing enough proteins, minerals, vitamins and digestible fiber. Heavily processed and attractive foods are highly detrimental to health and work as enemies to self-seeker.
It is important here that preventive care of health is much more important than feeling uneasy and then trying to improve health through artificially made nutrients. Drugs and dietary supplements commercially publicized for good health are certainly detrimental to natural health.


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