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An article covering methods to get traffic to your website free of charge. All of which I have used to great success!

Knowledge is Power

One of the most powerful tools to have online is knowledge on how get traffic to your website free. The only way a blogger can survive online is by attracting visitors. It's pretty much a never ending story - when we first set up the blog we are desperate for traffic and years later we are still scrambling for traffic.

Why is this? Well the more traffic that arrives the more chance we have to make money - simple! Let's take a look at the methods I recommend to get traffic to your website free...

First of all you have to write good content. Don't just show up and spout any old rubbish out - people will not engage with this. At the same time people don't really go for the 'posh guy' approach to writing, I know I don't. I'd much rather read a common newspaper than have to crawl through the Wall Street Journal.

Most people are the same as me - they like to have things explained to them in a laid back manner. A posh piece of writing always makes me feel a little inadequate. So write GOOD content and don't worry about it being GREAT content - a great way to get traffic to your website free.

And remember our old friend SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )? Well he's still a powerful player when it comes to how to get traffic to your website free. The difference is now that SEO is a little easier! Google updates have made the whole process a little more natural. Now we don't have to stuff our writing with keywords - just a couple of mentions will do!

This means that our content can now flow a lot easier and really shine through. SEO still works so does a little keyword research before each post but there's no need to overuse them in the post body.

Recently I was introduced to a Twitter method to get traffic to your website free and I must admit - it works pretty well! When you write a post go onto Twitter and look for people that fit into the topic niche of your post. Tweet the link to your post and then follow these people. Wait about half an hour and then re-tweet the post again. You will be surprised the amount of traffic you gain from this process.

And finally we cannot forget about the more traditional means of traffic - Social Bookmarking. This is one of the easiest and swiftest way to get traffic to your website free. There's no need to spam these sites - when you write and publish then bookmark it, simple!

The methods above are very effective ways to get traffic to your website free of charge. They may be a little time consuming but you will see results if you implement them every time you publish.


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