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When you feel small, invisible, unworthy, unqualified and wonder if anyone sees you or if you matter ... if you sometimes wish you could disappear ... you're not alone.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me in my morning chronicle. Today's theme is making yourself feel great again ....

Good Morning Everybody

I have something to say this morning and rather than ease into it, I'll just get to it because there's really no way to go at it gently.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me in my morning chronicle. Today's theme is making yourself feel great again ....

You wake up in the morning and everything feels so off.

You look at yourself and don't like what you see.

What happened to you?

When did you get so negative? You used to be happy.

Why are you always so down on yourself?

When are things going to seem good or at least ok again?

Why do you always feel guilty every time you feel a little happy?

Little things used to be water to a duck and now they weigh. You used to be hopeful.
Headache comes and you start feeling sick and tired and wish you could back to bed and pull the blankets over your head and stay there. Better yet ... you wish you could disappear.

Wow ... rough morning and it's not even noon yet.

Ok, so you take a deep breath, fix your out of control hair, go out the door and slap a smile on your face like a clown does. You hold your head up and put on foot in front of the other and get on with your day.

You go about with a painted smile on while holding tears back. All of a sudden, you stop. You look around you and people wiz by you like you weren't there. Life hustles and bustles around you and you feel like you're having this out of body experience.

Does anybody see me?

You may look like you have it all under control. The pressures, trying to be the best you can be seems to be an enormous chore that you're not sure you are qualified for anymore.

You want to matter. You want everything you do to count for something. Most of all ... you want to make a difference.

If you feel like that? You're not alone. We all at one time or another feel that way. I do right now.

I remember my momma telling me that there's always someone who sees me. I used to think it was her ... I was right she always did. Aside from her ... I see me. What I do matters to me. I make a difference if not in someone elses life, I do in mine.

If you're a religious person or just believe in God ... He sees you. You matter.

Aside from Him ...

You make a difference in your day, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. What you do matters to you. See yourself.

Do you get that? I know you're reading this but do you get it?

The world around you may shake and shudder in and out of various situation but the way you feel about what happens is ultimately up to you.

How you feel influences how you act and perceive.

If you don't like what you have to do, change how you feel and get it done. Doing things that are easy and convenient, doesn't get you very far. Chasing after something for nothing gets you nothing. Don't waste your time.

Stop and consider how good life can be. Remind yourself that despite all the pains and challenges, problems and frustrations, life can be quite amazing.

You don't have to make the headlines to have a rich and fascinating life.

Think confident, successful, creative, happy .. listen to uplifting music, go to an inspiring place, do whatever it takes to get yourself feeling great about you ... your life.

Here's my song of the day ...

Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance

Hope it helps you transform that feeling into reality.

I wish you all a good day. Be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given for everyone to do so.

Hopefully you don't have to paint a smile on this morning ...

because ... You're on life's candid camera!


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