Get an extra freezer and save money on things you might not think to freeze. Some suggestions

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An extra freezer is a handy money saver. You can buy something you'll use later, when the price is so good now. After some time you can save serious money

A freezer is a handy and money saving appliance.

Have you ever found a food product with such a good price that you stocked up on it and did not freeze the food item because you didn't know it could be frozen. Perhaps you couldn't finish the food before it spoiled. Here are some items that you can stock up on when there is a sale and keep them for a while in the freezer,. You may not know some of these foods can be frozen. I will give freezing techniques.

Freezing butter

One good thing to know around the time I am writing this (November 2015) the time so close to Christmas baking. It is especially important if you bake a lot of Christmas goodies; if you bake all year, this tip of what can be frozen can be helpful regardless of the month. The thing that I recently of what can be frozen is butter. The butter can be wrapped in plastic in their wrappers in a zip -top freezer bag or froze in their wrappers in a zip-top freezer bag. The butter lasts up to six moths in the freezer

If you see a fantastic sale on butter that is at most six months before you plan to bake those chocolate chip cookies for your sister's birthday and it's two months away then by all means, stock up on the butter Especially if you bake all year.

How to freeze fresh herbs

If you find a sale on fresh herbs that is too good not to buy, especially if it is winter when you aren't growing herbs by yourself because of the cold weather and snow. Or else you had an herb garden and you planted a lot more than you can eat without them spoiling and didn't even realize. You can freeze all these fresh herbs before they go bad.

The great website Huffington Post suggests that you put the fresh herbs while they are still good and not rotten and wilted in an ice cube tray. Put in the amount you would use it in a stew or soup in each cube. But instead of water freeze in cooking oil as it will help them come out of they tray easier. You will have your oil and herb all ready to go into a soup or stew.

Freezing meat and take advatage of sales and save money

When you find a great sale on meat, assuming you eat meat as I am not of that habit. I am the only family member in the history of my family to be vegetarian, but my family uses this tip and love it

You can use any meat, you can either cook it and let it cool entirely. Cool it all the way because freezing things warm or hot, or putting it in the refrigerator to cool it . If you put it in the refrigerator or freezer and its not at room temperature it can grow bacteria as it is cooling in your freezer. Eating hot meat put right into the freezer can make the family sick. You can also put it in the freezer as soon as you get home from the store

To put it in the freezer wrap the meat tightly in plastic wrap and put it in a zip[-top plastic bag.

Bring it out of the freezer the night before you plan to use it and let it thaw in the freezer all night and until you are ready to cok your evening meal.

nuts stay longer in bulk if put in freezer

You may love nuts and buy them at a warehouse in bulk. But nuts can become easily rancid. So, pick out how many you think you'll eat in a few days. Put the rest in a freezer zip-top bag and bring them out of the freezer when you want them.

Baking supplies can be frozen

You can buy things for baking that you find on sale and stock up on supplies, You can put baking supplies in the freezer. Did you know top chefs keep flour in the freezer. That is how when you order a piece of pie at an expensive restaurant the crust is usually flakier and might taste better than most crusts made at home, That is why they store their flour in the freezer. If you found buttermilk and it is on sale and you know you are going to be baking with it in two weeks, then buy it if you are only going to bake with it; then freeze it. Pour some of the buttermilk out before freezing it as the container will expand in the freezer and break and make a mess of the foods you have in your freezer..


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