Get out of a negative state of mind like bats flying out of hell!

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Negative energy is not something to live with. Positive energy is something to make a life based on though. This article and its sections came from a thought I had about reality, like Napoleon Hill naming his work "The Law Of Success" instead of "The Laws Of Success". There is indeed one thing that is the law that works for everything we want to do and that is a genuinely positive mental attitude. Just read what I mean:

Tolerance: The Golden Rule Standard that gets everything working in your favor, ultimately

How much can you tolerate? When things are not perfectly good, and when things just seem to go wrong all over, how well can you weather the storm until it is time for the right things to happen? Indeed, I am not writing about luck, but I am writing about being patient enough to wait for the blessing opportunity that always genuinely comes in the work clothes of going wrong at first. When I think of all the genuine blessings in my life, they did not come perfectly, they came looking like the ultimate imperfection or the "ultimate diamonds in the rough" so to write, and so to speak, if I met you and told you my life philosophy.

In a few words, I can say that reality to be mastered, must be obeyed, understood and tolerated in the ultimate genuine sense. Sure, I sound worse than a George Babbitt version of Francis Bacon with that take on that reality. So what? If I sounded better and told it like it is not, then I would be just another self-help huckster trying to get something out of you "for nothing" instead of genuinely give something to you that is valuable to live your life with meaning something. I mean think about it, the honest truth is to be a master genuinely, you must obey, understand and fulfill all laws tighter than anyone else can, yet be creatively powerful at the same time. Mastery is not easy, it is hard. Anyone can put their heads in the sand and be a mystical idiot with total limitations thinking they know it all, but to be a genuine master who does know it all, you have to be willing to obey, understand, fulfill, and consistently learn in an open minded way to stay a genuine master. To say, this is it and that is that without those qualities is to instantly block yourself from mastery. Indeed, knowing it all is being willing, with an open mind to learn more. Closing your mind in a negative way to new information is the ultimate weakness. We must be tolerant.

There is more that needs to be done, always

If I could preserve time in a bottle, and bring it all down to a few words, I would say this:

"Live and grow tolerantly or die closed minded."

Why do I say grow tolerantly? Once we stop growing, everything is on a death curve really. Without patiently growing, better understanding and ever more tolerance: What can we do? Nothing. Nothing but go down to the pits of death not wanting to know any more. As long as we are alive, there is always more to learn and do. You do not need to agree with me, just sense with understanding around you with a grateful consciousness and you will get somewhere.

I'll keep this simple and not write too much today, but I hope and pray that you got the idea behind this article.


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