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If you run your own website you can earn money by sending traffic to Wikinut. We pay a 10% share of any royalties your traffic generates.

How Wikinut referrals work

Wikinut earns revenue by paying authors a 50% share of any advertising revenue their written content generates. For more details read about how Wikinut works.

We'll also pay you 10% of any royalties that your referred authors generate. So for example, if you send us 10 authors who generate a total of £1,000, we'll pay £500 back to the authors and £100 to you.

The revenue share is for the life of the pages written, so you receive ongoing revenues.

How can you sign up?

The first step is to open a free Wikinut account. Then visit the Invite friends page within your My account section. Here you'll find a basic tracked link that will send users to our homepage, and also a tool to build a tracked deep link to any page on Wikinut.

How do I get paid?

Wikinut pays out to Paypal accounts, so you'll just need to give us your Paypal account email address through your Edit profile page.

We then provide stats on how many referrals you've made, and how much revenue has been generated. You'll then receive regular payments whenever you reach the payment threshold.


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