Getting Rid of Bed Bugs the United States Epidemic Pest

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This article will discuss how you can get rid of bed bugs by doing it yourself.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

I have a friend who is an exterminator and he told me that the United States is currently facing a bed bug epidemic. So I wanted to create this lens to help others if they or anybody they know are dealing with these blood sucking insects. I have included a little history about the bed bugs origin. The bed bug has been dated back to Greece as early as 400 BC! So these pests have been around a long time. The bed bug was first mentioned in Germany in the 11th century, France in the 13th and England in 1583. They made their way in the modern world through people traveling, where they would get into their luggage and clothing. There is nothing for a person to be embarrassed about if they have bedbugs.

They do not come from someone being dirty, messy or poor! I've been taking rides with my exterminating friend and can tell you about some houses that I have been to. They were more than extremely clean and some were also mansions. So this bug doesn't care about your financial status! There are found in five star hotels as well. I should know because I'm taking a ride with my friend and going on all these jobs with him. They get on someones clothing or luggage and get a ride to go somewhere else. Their favorite places are couches and mattresses. They have been found inside brand new mattresses and couches as well! I will explain more where to look and inspect a home to see if a person has any. They are fast breeders and grow fast. I think a female bedbug has approximately 20 babies a week. They tend to strike between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. They can detect a persons heart rate and move in when the body is about to shut down and go to sleep. They also bite pets as well.

Here is something for you; did you know that a crime can be solved through a bed bug! As bed bugs feed mainly of human blood a forensic scientist can get DNA from a bed bug up to 3 months! A bed bug likes to feed every 5-10 days, but an adult can remain dormant without food for up to 6 months!

Where to Look for Bed Bugs

The bed bug likes mainly coaches and mattresses, where they are close to their host (you). They also like to hide in clothing, so once you start the process you have to make sure that none are in your clothing. If you have clean clothing you do not have to wash them all over again. You can put the clothing in the dryer for about 10 minutes. A bed bug cannot survive past 120 degrees. The next thing to do is the inspection. Let's start off with the mattress. Remove your sheets and look around the mattress seams as this is where they like to hide. Spread the seams apart where the stitching is. If you have them you might readily find one, but if not look for dark brown to reddish spots along the seams and at the corners of the mattresses. This is dried up blood from them biting you and their fecal matter. If you have this than you know you have bed bugs. A bed bug can travel approximately a 20 foot distance, so any other type of cloth chairs or couches must be treated. You should also remove all clothing from your dressers and treat them as well.

Where To Look For Bed Bugs YouTube Video

Treating Bed Bugs with Organic Products

Safe for Your Entire Family and Your Pets - No Poisons

The average exterminator uses chemicals and charges you hundreds of dollars to treat your home. If they don't use chemicals they use something that looks like a giant blow dryer, which it basically is to heat your house up 120 degrees to kill them. This is not really necessary and cost a lot more. You can do this yourself using all natural organic sprays and powders. This treatment is safe for the entire family including your pets because there are no poisons in them.

Performing the Treatment

I have found some excellent products on Amazon that should do the job. Let’s start off again with the mattress. There are basically 4 things to buy. You need to by an organic pesticide powder, organic spray, spray bottle and powder duster the organic powder. I mentioned to get the organic liquid in a container and use a spray bottle because it will be cheaper than a can, that will not last too long and you need to really get the seams of the mattress soaked along with other places. You can of course buy a few liquids that are already in spray bottles, but that’s up to you.

Start out by putting your organic pesticide liquid in your spray bottle. Take the bottle and spray all the way around the mattress seams and get it good and wet. Don’t be afraid to spray too much. This kills any bugs and the eggs instantly. Then use the spray bottle and spray the entire mattress getting it good and wet. If the mattress is sealed all the way around, spray the bottom too. If the mattress just has a little cloth on the bottom and you can see inside it, you have to use the spray and the powder. Fill your powder duster up and put on a mask. Even though it’s not poisonous, you should wear a dust mask for the powder. Generously pump the powder through the bottom of the mattress. Don’t be afraid if there’s a cloud of smoke in your room, which means you’re doing it right! Spray the box spring as well. This power gets the bed bugs where you can’t reach with the spray because they embed deeply into the mattress. A bed bugs shell is soft and what the power does is basically cut them open and kills them when they go to move. Spray any of your dressers the same way and keep in mind that you’re going to have powder everywhere, but don’t worry it’s not poisonous and it sweeps up easy. Even if you have a little residue on the floor I would leave it for a few days to kill any stragglers. A bed bug likes to also hide in electrical outlets and curtain rods. Pump some powder in the power outlets and through the curtain rods. If you have moldings in your rooms pump some powder in the cracks too as they like to hide there as well.

When you're done with the mattress and box spring, buy plastic mattress covers for them. They cost about $10.00 each and you don’t have to re inspect them because if there are a few left, they will die. Repeat the same thing for the couches and chairs. You may have to retreat in a few weeks as some of them could have been hibernating or burrowed somewhere. If you have a plush couch pump the powder into the cracks or anywhere they can hide. Don’t vacuum or clean the powder instantly, I would wait a day or two if you could. It’s better to sacrifice with having a little powder around than to deal with those pests. Inspect again after a few weeks or if you feel you're getting bit.

Congratulations! You have just performed your first exterminating job.


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author avatar Charles Fowler
26th Feb 2015 (#)

Harborage and clutter has nothing to do with the ridding of Bed bugs. All Bed Bug infestations are preventable. Place a clear heavy double polished plastic sheet between the mattress and box spring with a 4 inch overhang. Encase your mattress. Do all your beds and your favorite chair. Subdued lighting is more powerful than heat treatments. Over two years, not one negative comment or disappointment. Thanks to all. This method is for Multi-Family housing and single family.
FREE Do It Yourself (DIY) Bed Bugs Treatment, Primary, Secondary (long term) I don't ID. You'll know. Email This information will prevent your first infestation, or provide instant relief. Bed Bugs can't climb on smooth plastic. The Bed Bugs cannot get to you and will starve within two months. Your bed must be a proper bed. No covers touching the walls, floor, except the caster wheels. Don't forget to place a plastic sheet on your favorite chair. Furthermore, this treatment works well with Subdued light.
""> If, you can kill the eggs at your bed, that is the key. If you determined heat treatment is too dangerous or expensive, now what? First, Encase your bed to kill the eggs so you won't be overwhelmed. Second, Make sure there are no problems with your bed. Third, the new corral for the Bed Bugs is a dim light going 24/7 where the Bed Bugs can be drawn to and removed with masking tape. As new Bed Bugs arrive, at your home, they will move toward the light.You've heard the stories of Bed Bugs being found in bathrooms,the light used showing under the door and the nite-light will draw them in at night and keep them there. Bed Bugs are drawn to you like Bees, by your Co2. A fan moving air near your bed will mix your Co2 evenly in your bedroom, making it hard for Bed Bugs to find you. those in the Bed Bug business won't be needed anymore. Please beware and ignore biased replies from people making money from Bed Bugs. This method seems to be the Silver-Magic Bullet for Bed Bugs. This lure will provide detection, control for the home and car. The poorest people will be able to handle their infestations. This DIY project can be done for a very small cost of parts. This is a very Green method, no chemicals. For all living places and whole-house treatment, the hallways will become giant traps.Bed Bugs will move to ceilings and walls by natural light and Subdued light. The lights are there; a $5.00 dimmer switch is needed. Lightly place DE on hall traffic areas where people put their foot down. When the Bed Bugs stop arriving at the light, they're gone. If you have total control, you'll have complete relief. The Dim lights double for night lights and Bed Bug control. Bed Bugs are not exclusively Nocturnal. When Subdued light is used as a lure, this will lead to the downfall of Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs like darkness and subdued light. When you provide light, they will go there. Search Google... Bed Bugs+ Subdued light. Insects having negative phototaxis show an identical reaction, when they are subjected to a rapid increase of light. The bedbug is, as we know, energetically photophobic; it hides in the darkest cracks and leaves only during the night. In the daytime, says Bohn, if an accident has brought it from the shade into the light, it immediately executes a rotation of 180 degrees, which brings it into the shadow. On a sheet of paper, it walks away from the luminous rays and turns about when one holds a candle toward it.It is very difficult,adds Bohn,to make a bedbug which is on a black paper pass over upon a piece of white paper. Anytime a Bed Bug is startled with a handheld candle or light of course it's going to run and hide. A Bed Bug chooses a white paper over other colors when not disturbed. Negative phototaxis testing is flawed. Bed Bugs have Positive Phototaxis. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bed bugs, a 1937 Leaflet No. 146, Great 8 pages, stating,

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got a lot of there here in Thailand

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