Getting Started with Landscape Photography

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You can take two sorts of photos with your digital camera. One of those is portrait shots when you rotate the camera 90 degrees. The other is those of landscape shots, which require no rotation of the camera. In this respect, landscape photography is more widespread as most take photos without rotating the camera in anyway.

Getting Started with Landscape Photography

Landscape photography captures more of the surrounding landscape. With a portrait shot there will be much less of a background in the photograph which instead captures a more specific subject. This is the main difference between landscape and portrait photos.

As such, when you take a landscape photograph the landscape itself will largely dominate the photograph. However, that does not mean that you should only photo the landscape and little else. In actual fact, it can only be encouraged that the photos include something extra other than fields and trees.

For example, if there were a windmill included in a field then that could be a great addition to the photograph. Taking a photograph of an empty sea will not make for the most interesting shot. As such, look out for any notable boats that could be included in the landscape photograph. Generally, do not take a landscape photograph if the landscape is somewhat empty.

A good vantage point can also provide some advantages for landscape photography. You will be able to capture more of a landscape from an elevated position. For example, you could take a coastal landscape photograph from the top of a cliff, or alternatively if you are further inland the top of a big hill or even from someway up a mountain.

You can also maximize your camera’s potential for landscape photography. For example, your camera may have a variety of best shot options for more specific shots. When you select a best shot option, the camera will then be set to a more suitable configuration for the photograph. Among the best shot options there may be a scenery option included which would be suitable for landscape photography. Other good best shot options that could be included are flowing water, which would be ideal for taking a photograph of a big waterfall. So, check out your camera’s best shot options if it has any.

Remember that any photography, whether landscape or not, can be further edited. You’ll need to have some suitable image editing software to edit the photo with. There’s a good variety, and freeware software packages such as Picasa 3 do have some good editing options for landscape photographs. For example, you can crop the photograph to remove parts of the landscape, or alternatively saturate the photo to bring out some more color.

These are just a few suggestions for more effective landscape photography. Visit a variety of locations with variable landscapes, and get snapping!


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