Getting Your Website Noticed By Google

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When it comes to getting your website noticed by Google there are a few techniques you can use to help the process along. Here cover a few that I use on a daily basis.

Getting Your Website Noticed by Google

I started building websites about four years ago now and at first it was not as much fun as you might think. If you are not getting your website noticed by Google then you are basically wasting your time, effort and your money.

Sure there are certain avenues online that allow you to build and host your website for free but even then you need to be getting your website noticed by Google. The first couple of websites I built were a complete failure. I can safely say I had no more than 100 visitors directed from search engines. I had no concept on driving traffic and I had no real idea why my websites were failing.

In the end I had to close down the websites and start again from scratch - heartbreaking! So what was I doing wrong? Well getting your website noticed by Google is not as hard as you may think as long as you know what to do. First of all the content on your website MUST be 100% unique content. Do not grab free content or articles from online sources and post them - Google will not want to know you.

Google is able to determine which article was written first - the one that comes second ends up in the emitted results. This is a very powerful weapon when it comes to search engines - use it wisely and use it every time you post to your site. The second point is again quite an important point - backlinks.

Backlinks are links coming into ( or leading into ) your website. They can be from anywhere online that is not from your domain. A lot of people resort to spamming at this point but please do not start doing that. As well as being annoying Google does not look kindly on backlinks coming from sites that have nothing to do with the subject of your site.

The easiest and most rewarding way to get a couple of backlinks to your site is to publish a few articles. Articles are not as hard to write as they may seem and in most cases they are quite enjoyable to ( like this one! ). Writing articles keeps the backlinks in the same subject area as your site to.

Simple blog and website comments also act as backlinks which will help in getting your website noticed by Google. Again, just make sure your comments are relevant ( do not spam ) and the blog is related to your website subject.

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