Give 100 % ~ And be regretless :)

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a poem with a short description on Giving 100 % in life :)

100% how come this ! IDEA ! ?

" Ooh..!! My God !
The Results are Out,
The Heart starts Beating
and Body Starts Shivering After
Hearing this Shout.

Seeing the Fear of People ,
I started Wondering ,
What is in this Word ' Result '
That People Start Shivering.

They Told me Results tell us
about our Success or Failure ,,
If it is Good - You are Happy ,
and if Bad - You become Sad.
Hearing this Came another Confusion ,
How does Success lies in Success or Failure ??
became Another Tension.
Carrying this Question ,, I moved Ahead
and As The Time Passed
it remained in My Head.

Soon came my Exams ,
I gave it Putting all my Efforts ,,
and then Started Waiting Patiently
For the Results.

It was a Wonderful Day ,,
As I Scored a Grade A.
My Result also Solved the Mystery ,,
as it was Clear to me
Success is Rain of Happiness and..,,
Failure is Hailstorm of Misery.

With this Conception ,
I moved Ahead ,
Again Came my Exams ,
But this Time -
I was not Prepared ,
Sickness Caught me ,,
I was not feeling Well.
Still I did put all my Efforts
and Then just Prayed for the Results.

I knew I didn't do Well..,,
and the Same my Face could Tell.
Soon the Results were Out
My Teacher Shouted - Grade E,
and I could Hear it loud.
Though My Results were not Good,
Still I was Satisfied ,
and in a Happy Mood.

Now the Actual thing was known to me ,
What I thought lies in Our Results ,
Actually..did in our Efforts..
was clear to me.

Success and Happiness are Sure ,
if Our Efforts are Pure.
From then I took a Decision ,,
I will Give my 100 % each Moment
Whatever may be the Condition.

Got the Idea , now REALISATION.

Success and Happiness are Sure ,
if Our Efforts are Pure.
From then I took a Decision ,,
I will Give my 100 % each Moment
Whatever may be the Condition.

When i realized this I thought i have fount the key to Success. And i really did but the twist was How and when to Twist i.e. Using the key When and Where ?

Whenever i did something , after the task was complete I Realized Ohh i dint give my 100 %. So then i started being aware ... this is Wonderful.. its like waking up .. You suddenly realize and you strt doing the same thing which you were doing with 100%. :D Awesome it is.
Each you can give 100% in whatever you are doing - playing , sleeping , writing etc. :)

100% keeps on changing.

Our 100% also keeps on changing.
example if running continuously for an hour was my 100 % today .. it can be more than an hour tomorrow.


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