Give Yourself Gameplay Advantages Against The Ai in Civilization V

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There are a few ways where you can give yourself minor advantages against the opposition in Civilization V.

Advantages Using Game Settings

If you are stuck on a higher difficulty level like Prince or King, try changing the game settings a bit more in Advanced Setup, or the equivalent of Custom Game in Civilization IV. This feature allows you to change the map and settings further, so maybe the maps aren't as random, or there are no cultural, time, space, or diplomatic victories allowed. This can help you if you are a culture, science, and gold freak, and you don't want to get killed by the early onslaught of the barbarians, just select "No barbarians" from the list, and there will be no barbs for the entire game, letting you focus more of your early production on workers and settlers, not military units.

Advantages Using Leader Traits and Map Features

You can also give yourself advantages by using the leader traits. So if you are Wu Zetian of China, you would be better off being an aggressive militaristic ruler instead of a peacemonger because of the bonus for Great Generals. Same goes for Montezuma of the Aztecs because he gains culture from every enemy killed. If you are Ramesses II of Egypt, try to build as many wonders as possible so that you can get as much of an advantage from that hefty +20% production for wonders. For Ramkhamhaeng of Siam, you get +50% food and culture from city-states. So if you were playing as Siam, you should make it so that there are more city-states in the map to reap their bonuses. However, you will probably need lots of gold to bribe them on your side.

It's not cheating, doing it this way, you are just giving yourself tiny advantages that can be useful. Besides, you want to earn that Steam achievement for winning on King, don't you?


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good guide

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